Day, Nancy
Abortion: Debating the Issue
JUV 363.46.D332a YA
Discusses the pros and cons of the abortion issue and gives statistics on abortion in the United States
and other countries. 1995

Knapp, Lynette
The Abortion Controversy
JUV 363.46.A1546a YA
Essays explore issues related to abortion, including abortion rights, protests at abortion clinics, and the use
of aborted fetuses for medical research from various perspectives. 2001.

Herda, D. J.
Roe V. Wade: The Abortion Question
JUV 344.73.H419r
A look at the people, ideas, and arguments behind the landmark case sheds light on the abortion controversy
that still rages throughout the United States. 1994.



Fienberg, Anna
Borrowed Light 
JUV F462.bYA
A sixteen-year-old feels alienated from her family while struggling with the difficult
decisions surrounding her unplanned pregnancy. 1999.


Irving, John
The Cider House Rules 
The practices of Dr. Wilbur Larch--obstetrician, orphanage director, ether addict, and
abortionist--are hindered, abetted, and continued, in turn, by his favorite orphan, 
Homer Wells.  1985.


McWilliams, Kelly
JUV M254.dYA
Jaime is used to her best friend, Melissa, being the center of attention, but when she
ends up pregnant and wants Jaime's help, there's not much Jaime can do until she figures
out how to stop being stepped on and still be a good friend. 2004.


Shusterman, Neal
JUV S5623.uYA
In a future world where those between the ages of thirteen and eighteen can have their lives "unwound" and their body
parts harvested for use by others, three teens go to extreme lengths to uphold their beliefs--and, perhaps, save
their own lives.  2007.

Waller, Sharon Biggs
Girls on the Verge
JUV W1598.g YA
On the very night Camille learns she got into a prestigious theater program, she also finds out she's pregnant. At her most vulnerable, Camille reaches out to Annabelle, a girl she only barely knows from the theater. Annabelle agrees to drive her wherever she needs to go; best friend Bea doesn't agree with Camille's decision, but decides to come with. Over the course of a thousand miles, friendships will be tested and dreams will be challenged. -- adapted from jacket. 2019.