Picture Books ~ Adoption

Bloom, Suzanne
A Family for Jamie: An Adoption Story
JUV 398.8.B623f EFL

Although Dan and Molly can make cookies and birdhouses, they cannot make a baby, so they adopt Jamie and share with him their life and love. 1991.

Bunting, Eve
Jin Woo
JUV 398.8.B886ji

Davey is dubious about having a new adopted brother from Korea, but when he finds out that his parents still love him, he decides that having a baby brother will be fine. 2001.

Coste, Marion
Finding Joy
JUV 398.8.C8242f EFL

Shu-li, an infant girl who had to be sent away by her family in China, is adopted by an American family and renamed Joy. 2006.

Curtis, Jamie Lee
Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born 
JUV 398.8.C944t

A young girl asks her parents to tell her again the cherished family story of her birth and adoption. 1996.

Friedman, Darlene
Star of the Week: A Story of Love, Adoption, and Brownies with Sprinkles
JUV 398.8.F9132s EFL

As her turn to be "Star of the Week" in her kindergarten class approaches, Cassidy-Li puts together a poster with pictures of her family, friends, and pets, and wonders about her birthparents in China. 2009.

Henderson, Patti
A Blessing From Above
JUV 398.8.H3837b

Tells the tender tale about a mother kangaroo's love for her little "blessing from above"--a baby bird that she has adopted. 1999.

Heo, Yumi
Ten Days and Nine Nights: An Adoption Story
JUV 398.8.H41t

A young girl eagerly awaits the arrival of her newly-adopted sister from Korea, while her whole family prepares. 2009.

Kasza, Keiko
A Mother for Choco
JUV 398.8.K1558m

A lonely little bird named Choco goes in search of a mother. 1992.

Krishnaswami, Uma
Bringing Asha Home
JUV 398.8.K8975b EFL

Eight-year-old Arun waits impatiently while international adoption paper work is completed so that he can meet his new baby sister from India. 2006.

Leman, Kevin
My Adopted Child, There's No One Like You
JUV 398.8.L5413m EFL

When Panda has to make a family tree for school, his mother explains how he came to be adopted, and how very special that makes him. 2007.

Lewis, Rose A.
I Love You Like Crazy Cakes
JUV 398.8.L5877i EFL

A mother describes how she went to China to adopt a special baby girl. Based on the author's own experiences. 2000.

Lin, Grace
The Red Thread: An Adoption Fairy Tale
JUV 398.8.L6304r

An adoption story, based on the ancient Chinese belief that an invisible, unbreakable red thread connects all those who are destined to be together, follows a king and queen who are both searching for the one thing that will fill the void in their hearts. 2007.

McCutcheon, John
Happy Adoption Day! 
JUV 398.8.M1394h EFL

Parents celebrate the day on which they adopted their child and continue to reassure the new addition to their family that it is wanted, loved, and very special. 1996.

McDonnell, Christine
Goyangi Means Cat
JUV 398.8.M1458g

An understanding cat helps a young Korean girl adjust to her new home in America. 2011.

Mora, Pat
Pablo's Tree
JUV 398.8.M791p

Each year on his birthday, a young Mexican American boy looks forward to seeing how his grandfather has decorated the tree he planted on the day the boy was adopted. 1994.

Odone, Jamison
Honey Badgers
JUV 398.8.O2614h

A boy raised by honey badgers, Maurice and June, describes his slightly odd life. 2007.

Okimoto, Jean Davies
The White Swan Express: A Story About Adoption
JUV 398.8.O415w EFL

Across North America, people in four different homes prepare for a special trip to China, while four baby girls in China await their new adoptive parents. 2002.

Peacock, Carol A.
Mommy Far, Mommy Near 
JUV 398.8.P313m EFL

Elizabeth, who was born in China, describes the family who has adopted her and tries to sort out her feelings for her unknown mother. 2000.

Say, Allen
JUV 398.8.S274a

When Allison realizes that she looks more like her favorite doll than her parents, she comes to terms with this unwelcome discovery with the help of a stray cat. 1997.

Turner, Ann Warren
Through Moon and Stars and Night Skies 
JUV 398.8.T8512t

A boy who came from far away to be adopted by a couple in this country remembers how unfamiliar and frightening some of the thins were in his new home, before he accepted the love to be found there. 1990.

Zafrilla, Marta
Little Chick and Mommy Cat
JUV 398.8.Z1314l

A tale that explores themes of diversity, adoption, and alternative family life follows a little chick who shares a happy relationship with his loving mother, a cat with soft fur, tickling whiskers, and a long beautiful tail. 2012.