Foley, Ronan
World Health: The Impact on Our Lives
JUV 362.1.F6994w
Provides an overview of global health issues, as well as the health problems that arise from economic
and social situations in particular parts of the world, and explores the work of the World Health Organization. 2003.

Winick, Judd
Pedro and Me (Graphic Novel Format)
JUV 362.1.W7273p YA
This "MTV's Real World San Francisco" cast member tells what it was like to know Pedro Zamora, an HIV-positive
AIDS activist and fellow "Real World" housemate, while discussing AIDS-related issues facing people today all over
the world. 35,000 first printing. 2000.

Reese, Luellen K.
A Young Man's Journey with AIDS
JUV 362.1969.R259y YA
The mother of a young man with AIDS tells his story based on the journal which she kept throughout their experiences
with his illness. 1997.

Silverstein, Alvin
The STDs Update
JUV 616.951.S587sYA
Describes the symptoms and treatments of sexually transmitted diseases, discusses their incidence among people
under the age of twenty-five in the United States, and explains how they can be prevented. 2006.

Roleff, Tamara
AIDS: Opposing Viewpoints
JUV 616.97.A288a
Collects articles discussing a wide range of viewpoints on the extent of the AIDS epidemic, policies for HIV testing,
and the prevention and treatment of AIDS 1998.



Davis, Deborah
My Brother has AIDS
When her older brother returns home because he is dying of AIDS, thirteen-year-old Lacy deals with changes in her
family life, in relationships with classmates, and in her commitment to her swimming team. 1994.

Fox, Paula
The Eagle Kite
JUV F837.e YA
Liam's father has AIDS, and his family cannot talk about it until Liam reveals a secret that he has tried to deny ever
since he saw his father embracing another man at the beach. 1995.

Minchin, Adele
The Beat Goes On
JUV M6613.b YA
Fifteen-year-old Leyla, a shy musician, has always looked up to her gorgeous and confident cousin, sixteen-year-old Emma,
but when Emma learns she's HIV positive after having unprotected sex just once, everything changes. 2001.

Nelson, Theresa
Earthshine: A Novel
JUV N337.e
Slim watches over her father, a disarmingly charismatic man, as his struggle with AIDS reaches its climax. 1994.

Stratton, Allan
Chanda's Secrets
JUV S8973.c YA
Amid the African AIDS pandemic, Chanda's youngest sister dies, and she must confront undercurrents of shame
and stigma. 2004.