Art Exhibits at the Library

The Bangor Public Library is thrilled to welcome local and regional artists into our spaces!

Please check back here often as we share our artist and exhibit information.


Next year Bangor Public Library will celebrate Maine’s Bicentennial and the Women’s Right to Vote Centennial through three, special exhibit projects. Information about these exhibits will be available in July 2019. If you are interested in taking part, please check back for information and the application details.

The Library is proud to offer five exhibition locations:

  • The Minksy Lecture Hall Gallery (3rd floor)

  • The Cyr Gallery (3rd floor)

  • The Stairwell Gallery (staircase 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors)

  • The Barbara McDade Gallery (2nd floor)

  • The Teen Study Rooms (3rd floor)

    Please click the button below to see the list of artists exhibiting at Bangor Public Library from February 2019-January 2020.

June-July Exhibits

Lecture Hall, Cyr, and Teen Study Room Galleries: Bangor High School

Senior art students will be talking about their art journey as well as their artwork and media of choice. They will be explaining the meaning behind their collection of works.


McDade Gallery: Citizens of Maine

“Colorful Creations”

This group’s art is for sale.  Please visit the gallery or reference desk for more information.

The work of each artist varies from explorations of color and movement to interest in animals and the environment.

Follow Citizens on their Facebook page @ctznsME.

You can also find out more about Citizens of Maine on their website.


Stairwell Gallery: Jennifer de Lannee

“Shifting Frames: Recent Edits and Inquiries”

This artist’s work is for sale.  Please visit the gallery or reference desk for more information.

Jennifer studied sculpture at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.  When there, she worked in stone and paper often creating minimalist installations that tried to convey themes of language and relationships between objects.

After many years of not producing any work, Jennifer is trying to discover a language through painting.  Although she never studied painting, Jennifer still finds herself questioning the truth of what she thinks makes a good piece of art. This installation is the result of her trying to follow her gut instinct and interests. As a result, she has found that she is approaching painting in a way that is sculptural.

Jennifer is attempting to create scenes, images, and atmospheres by carving the space with color and pattern and textures.  She tends to continually add and subtract until she finds an image that conveys a mood or expression. All the works in this exhibit have been created in the past year, many of them within the past few months.

You can follow Jennifer on Facebook Jennifer de Lannée Painting.