Author Talk: Robert Klose

“Life On Mars”


6:30 - 8:00 PM



Books will be available for purchase.

Join the author as he discusses his new novel.  He will also talk about his writing process, including writing this novel.

Life on Mars takes a satirical look at evolution vs. Intelligent Design -- a sort of feint by anti-evolutionists to get creationism into the classroom by assiduously avoiding the mention of God. Instead, reference is made to a "higher" or "superior" intelligence. The novel's conceit is this: what if the Intelligent Design folks are right and the evolutionists are wrong? What if a higher intelligence did indeed get the ball of creation rolling, only the intelligence wasn't God but an alien race ("The Spong") that had seeded earth as a botanical garden eons ago, only to return to find it contaminated with humans? In preparation for a "Treatment" to correct their error, the Spong assign a human to act as earth's final biographer to provide them with proof of why humans just have to go.


Robert Klose teaches at the University of Maine at Augusta.  He is a regular contributor of essays to The Christian Science Monitor.  His work has also appeared in NewsweekThe Boston GlobeExquisite CorpseConfrontation and elsewhere.  His books include “Adopting Alyosha — A Single Man Finds a Son in Russia,” “Small Worlds — Adopted Sons, Pet Piranhas and Other Mortal Concerns," “The Three-Legged Woman & Other Excursions in Teaching" and the novels, "Long Live Grover Cleveland," which won a 2016 Ben Franklin Literary Award and a USA BookNews Award, and "Life on Mars," published by Black Rose in July.

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He also has a Goodreads author and has a store on Amazon.



Author Talk: Vaughn Hardacker

“My Brother’s Keeper”

My Brothers Keeper Master.jpg

TUESDAY, October 8

6:30 - 8:00 PM


Books will be available for purchase.

From Vaughn C. Hardacker, acclaimed author of Sniper and The Fisherman and three-time finalist for the Maine Literary Awards, comes the action-packed followup to Black Orchid, which Publishers Weekly called "hard-hitting."

Retired detective Ed Traynor returns in the next exciting thriller from Vaughn Hardacker, and this time, the case is personal.  In the fifth mystery/thriller from Vaughn C. Hardacker. Private investigator Ed Traynor’s normal caseload involves insurance fraud, missing persons and messy divorces. Now, however, it’s murder, and the victim is John, Ed’s younger brother. Ed is mad and somebody is going to pay in blood.

Vaughn Photo.jpg

Watch carefully for clues. Hardacker is clever with suspense and misdirection, but the clues are there for the observant reader. Even Ed finally tumbles onto the real killer, the real motive and where the money really is. And it will be a surprise.

Visit Vaughn's website for more information about him and his work.

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Author talk: Tess Gerritsen

“Shape of Night”

Wednesday, December 4

6:00 - 7:30 PM


Lecture Hall

Books will be available for purchase.

Tess will talk about what inspired the novel, plus the ideas that inspired her previous novels.  There will be time for questions and answers.

About the book:

A woman trying to outrun her past is drawn to a coastal village in Maine — and to a string of unsolved murders — in this dark and sexy novel of psychological suspense from New York Times bestselling author Tess Gerritsen. After an unspeakable tragedy in Boston, Ava Collette flees to a remote village in Maine, where she rents an old house named Brodie’s Watch.  

In that isolated seaside mansion, Ava finally feels at peace … until she glimpses the long-dead sea captain who still resides there.


About Tess Gerritsen:

Trained as a medical doctor, Tess built a second career as a thriller writer. Her 28 novels include the Rizzoli and Isles crime series, on which the TV show "Rizzoli & Isles" is based.  Among her titles are HARVEST, GRAVITY, THE SURGEON, PLAYING WITH FIRE, and THE SHAPE OF NIGHT. Her books are translated into 40 languages and more than 30 million copies have been sold.  She lives in Maine.

You may find out more about Tess on her website, follow her on Facebook @TessGerritsen, or Twitter.

Author Talk: Dr. Amy Blackstone

“Childfree By Choice:

The Movement Redefining Family and Creating a new Age of independence”

Thursday, December 12

6:00 - 7:30 PM

Lecture Hall

CBC cover high res.jpg

Dr. Amy Blackstone, childfree woman, co-creator of the blog we’re {not} having a baby!, and nationally recognized expert on the childfree choice, comes a definitive investigation into the history and current growing movement of adults choosing to forgo parenthood: what it means for our society, economy, environment, perceived gender roles, and legacies, and how understanding and supporting all types of families can lead to positive outcomes for parents, non-parents, and children alike.

Books will be available for purchase.

Blackstone high res.JPG

Dr. Amy Blackstone is a professor in Sociology and the Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center at the University of Maine, where she studies childlessness and the childfree choice, workplace harassment, and civic engagement. Her work has been published in a variety of peer-reviewed journals including American Sociological Review, Law & Society Review, Sociology Compass, and Gender & Society. Professor Blackstone’s research has been featured by various media outlets including the Katie show, public radio, New York Times, Washington Post, BuzzFeed, USA Today, Huffington Post, and other local and national venues.
Childfree by Choice is her first book.

Learn more about her book here on her publisher’s website.

You can follow Amy on Twitter @soc_gal, on her blog , or on Facebook @WereNotHavingABaby.