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Agreement: The non-refundable payment is due six business days before the day of the event. By signature below, the Group Representative authorizes and agrees that such payment will be paid to the Bangor Public Library. The parties agree to the terms on this form. The persons signing this agreement on behalf of the group warrant that they are authorized to make this agreement. Attendees: Room assignment is based on the expected number of attendees and set-up specified in the room reservation request. Group understands that the room reserved has a capacity limit and warrants that the numbers of attendees will not exceed that limit. BPL reserves the right to changes rooms based on attendance levels lower than contracted or library initiated events. Cancellation: When Group signs this contract, the room reserved is removed from BPL's available inventor and considered rented to Group. BPL turns away other who want to rent BPL's facilities. It is impossible for BPL to know in advance whether, under what circumstances, or at what rates it would be able to re-rent the reserved room(s) if Group does not use it because of cancellation of the event. Often, when a group does not use the facility as agreed, the space cannot be re-rented. Additionally, BPL staff time is involved in set-up for each use. For these reasons and others, Group agrees that, in the event of cancellation, the following charges (which represent a reasonable effort by BPL to establish its loss prospectively) shall be due. 0-2 days prior to event: 100% of room rental 3-5 days prior to event: 50% of room rental