Bullies & Bullying


Ellis, Deborah
We Want You to Know: Kids Talk About Bullying
JUV 302.3.E4723w

Presents interviews with students who have been bullied, as they describe their experiences with peers, parents, teachers, and school administrators, along with advice on the best methods that can be used to stop bullying behavior. 2010.

MacEachern, Robyn
Cyberbulling: Deal with it and CTRL ALT Delete it
JUV 302.3.M15c

Describes the different methods of cyberbullying and what can be done to prevent, avoid, and manage it, and provides quizzes to determine what is cyberbullying and who can be affected by it. 2008. (Ages 9 & Up)

Criswell, Patti Kelley
Stand Up for Yourself & Your Friends
JUV 302.34.C8688s

This book is full of tips, from clever comebacks to the best ways to ignore someone who bullies. 2009. (Ages 8 and up)

Johnson, Julie
Bullies and Gangs
JUV 302.34.J633b EFL

Discusses why people bully others, who they pick, and how to cope with the problems of being bullied. 1998. (Ages 7-9)

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Stop Bullying Now! Take a Stand, Lend a Hand
JUV DVD 371.58.S8832s

As part of the Stop Bullying Now! campaign, this DVD compilation includes 12 animated webisodes featuring school-age characters dealing with bullying episodes, five TV and two radio public service announcements to promote the campaign, and five video workshops developed for professionals in the education, health and safety, mental health, and law-enforcement fields who encounter and deal with bullying behaviors. 2006.

Romain, Trevor
Bullies Are a Pain in the Brain
JUV 302.34.R66b

A serious yet humorous guide to dealing with bullies. 1997. (Ages 8-10)

Johnston, Marianne
Dealing with Bullying
JUV 303.69.J645d EFL

Describes what is meant by bullying; then goes on to explain why bullies act as they do, how to deal with them, and how to stop being one. 1996. (Ages 5-8)

Webster-Doyle, Terrence
Why is Everybody Always Picking On Me?
JUV 371.5.W3992w EFL

Stories and activities demonstrate how to resolve conflicts nonviolently and how to peacefully confront hostile aggression. 1998. (Ages 8-14)

Davis, Stan
Schools Where Everyone Belongs
JUV 371.58.D2977s

Practical strategies for reducing bullying. 2007.

Cohen-Posey, Kate
How to Handle Bullies, Teasers and Other Meanies
JUV 646.70083.C66h

Provides information on what makes bullies and teasers tick, how to handle bullies, how to deal with prejudice, and how to defend oneself when being teased or insulted. 1995. (Ages 9-12)


Codell, Esmé Raji
Vive la Paris
JUV C6444.v

Fifth-grader Paris learns some lessons about dealing with bullies of all kinds as she wonders how to stop a classmate from beating up her brother at school and as she learns about the Holocaust from her piano teacher, Mrs. Rosen. 2006. (Ages 9-12)

Kuivila, Janet
The Gamma Girls of Chagrin Falls: Lillie and Rose
JUV K9567.g

Gamma Girls weaves information about female social hierarchy into an enjoyable story about two girls Lillie and Rose, 4th graders at Chagrin Falls, who meet by accident and quickly learn the hierarchy of girls. 2004. (Ages 9-12)

McCord, Pat Mauser
A Bundle of Sticks
JUV M13636.b

The frequent target of a bully, eleven-year-old Ben gets sick at the thought of fighting back until his father insists he take a self-defense course, and Ben learns that it is okay to be himself. 2004. (Ages 9 - 12)

McKay, Hilary
Indigo's Star
JUV M192.i

Spurred on by his youngest sister, Rose, twelve-year-old Indigo sticks up for himself and an American boy who has replaced him as the primary target of the school bullies. 2004. (Ages 9-12)

Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds
Roxie and the Hooligans
JUV N234.ro

Roxie Warbler, the niece of a famous explorer, follows Uncle Dangerfoot's advice on how to survive any crisis when she becomes stranded on an island with a gang of school bullies and a pair of murderous bank robbers. 2006. (Ages 8-10)

Preller, James
JUV P915.b

Thirteen-year-old Eric discovers there are consequences to not standing by and watching as the bully at his new school hurts people, but although school officials are aware of the problem, Eric may be the one with a solution. 2009. (Ages 11-14)

Tacang, Brian
JUV T1173.b

Budding-inventor Millicent Madding launches her latest invention to disastrous results, and she has only days to create an antidote before the local bullies wreak havoc and her dearest friendships are destroyed forever. 2006. (Ages 8-11)