Burton, Bonnie
Girls Against Girls: Why We Are Mean to Each Other and How We Can Change
JUV 305.235.B9533gYA
This guide for teenage girls explains why girls can sometimes be mean to each other,
what to do if you are a victim of bullying, and the importance of treating other girls
with respect.  2009.




Beard, Candy j.
Please Don't Cry, Cheyenne
JUV B374.dYA
Follows a young girl in junior high school who must deal with being bullied by her classmates.
Cheyenne is a very poor girl; plain to look at and has no friends to call her own. She is on the
outside, desperately looking in. She has been bullied and humiliated almost on a daily basis by
the same rich clique for years; yet Cheyenne wants nothing more than to be accepted by them...
especially the group's leader, Crystal Jones.  2008.


Collins, B. R.
The Traitor Game
JUV C6872.tYA
Fifteen-year-old Michael and his friend Francis both feel betrayed when someone at their private
school learns of Evgard, a secret fantasy world they created together, but when a sadistic bully
becomes involved in Michael's plan for revenge, the boys and Evgard itself face grave danger. 2008.


Ellis, Ann Dee
This is What I did
JUV E468.tYA
Bullied because of an incident in his past, eighth-grader Logan is unhappy at his new school and has difficulty
relating to others until he meets a quirky girl and a counselor who believe in him.  2007.


Jonsberg, Barry
JUV J732.dYA
Harangued by his father about his weight and bullied in all the many schools he has attended,
teenaged Michael finds some comfort in his ability to experience "lucid" dreaming but then starts
to notice that the things that happen in his dreams are starting to occur in the real world as well.  2008.


Koss, Amy Goldman
Poison Ivy
JUV K84752.pYA
In a government class three popular girls undergo a mock trial for their ruthless bullying of a
classmate.  2006.


Marino, Peter
Dough Boy
JUV M3262.d
Overweight, fifteen-year-old Tristan, who lives happily with his divorced mother and her boyfriend
Frank, suddenly finds that he must deal with intensified criticism about his weight and other aspects
of his life when Frank's popular but troubled, nutrition-obsessed daughter moves in. 2005.


Peters, Julie Anne
By the Time You Read This, I'll be Dead
JUV P42923.byYA
High school student Daelyn Rice, who's been bullied throughout her school career and has more than
once attempted suicide, again makes plans to kill herself, in spite of the persistent attempts of an
unusual boy to draw her out.  2010.


Phillips, suzanne
JUV P543.bYA
Bullied constantly during his freshman year in high school, Cameron's anger and isolation grows,
leading to deadly consequences. 2008.


Pixley, Marcella Fleischman
JUV P6878.fYA
Twelve-year-old Miriam, poetic, smart, and quirky, is considered a freak by the popular girls at her
middle school, and she eventually explodes in response to their bullying, revealing an inner strength
she did not know she had.  2007.


Summers, Courtney
Some girls Are
JUV S9533.sYA
Regina, a high school senior in the popular--and feared--crowd, suddenly falls out of favor and
becomes the object of the same sort of vicious bullying that she used to inflict on others, until
she finds solace with one of her former victims.  2010.


Watkins, Steve
Down Sand Mountain
JUV W323.dYA
In a small Florida mining town in 1966, twelve-year-old Dewey faces one worst-day-ever after another,
but comes to know that the issues he faces about bullies, girls, race, and identity are part of the adult
world, as well.  2008.


Wilhelm, Doug
The Revealers
JUV W6423.r
Three bullied seventh graders use their smarts to get the better of their tormentors by starting an e-mail
forum at school in which they publicize their experiences. Unexpectedly, lots of other kids come forward to
confess their similar troubles, and it becomes clear that the problem at their school is bigger than anyone
knew. 2005.


Williams-Garcia, Rita
JUV W6765.jYA
The lives of Leticia, Dominique, and Trina are irrevocably intertwined through the course of one day in an
urban high school after Leticia overhears Dominique's plans to beat up Trina and must decide whether
or not to get involved.  2009.