Christian Fiction

Bly, Stephen
The Adventures of Nathan T. Riggins
JUV B6277.a(vol.1)

The dog who would not smile. Coyote true. You can always trust a spotted horse. 2001.

Bly, Stephen
Dangerous Ride Across Humboldt Flats
JUV B6277.d

Wandering aimlessly on the dangerous high desert of Nevada Territory in 1860, a fourteen-year-old orphan boy finds shelter, food, and a Christian family at the Pony Express station run by the Lovelocks. 2003.

Bly, Stephen
Daring Rescue at Sonora Pass
JUV B6277.da

The Joyton family, who run the Sonora Pass stagecoach station, deal with the mysterious shooting death of a passenger and welcome new neighbors who open a mercantile next door. 2003.

Bly, Stephen
Mysterious Robbery on the Utah Plains
JUV B6277.m

On the eve of the ceremonies to mark the completion of the transcontinental railroad in 1869, gunmen hide a mysterious package at the Hopewell's bakery, which nearly causes the family to lose their business until they discover that God has had an exciting plan for them all along. 2003.

Caroll, Robin
Samantha Sanderson On the Scene
JUV C2167.s

Samantha has little sympathy when she hears that "mean girl" Nikki's parents are divorcing, but when Nikki come under attack, Samantha uses her investigative skills and help from her "tech-savvy" best friend Makayla to track down clues in hopes of writing a series on bullying for the school newspaper. 2014.

Elmer, Robert
Beetle Bunker
JUV E4837.b

In 1961, thirteen-year-old Sabine, an adventurer despite being crippled by polio, finds a forgotten bunker which might allow her, her family, and friends to reach freedom by tunneling under the Berlin Wall, or might lead to far greater danger. 2006.

Elmer, Robert
Candy Bombers
JUV E4837.c

In 1948 Berlin, Germany, while trying to survive the Russian blockade of the city and also grieving for his father and sister who were killed in the war, thirteen-year-old Erich is befriended by a United States airman. 2006.

Elmer, Robert
Smuggler's Treasure
JUV E4837.s

In Berlin in 1989, the Cold War seems to be coming to an end but thirteen-year-old Liesl still feels trapped behind a wall as she tries to uncover a secret about her American grandfather, aided by a boy whose father is in the United States Air Force. 2006.

Elmer, Robert
The Young Underground
JUV E4837.y

Based on real historical events or characters and set in Denmark during World War II. 1994.

Finley, Martha
Elsie's Girlhood

Elsie's experiences changes from girlhood to womanhood, her family is also undergoing change. 1997.

Fletcher, Susan
Walk Across the Sea
JUV F629.w

In late nineteenth-century California, when Chinese immigrants are being driven out or even killed for fear they will take jobs from whites, fifteen-year-old Eliza Jane McCully defies the townspeople and her lighthouse-keeper father to help a Chinese boy who has been kind to her. 2001.

Jackson, Dave
The Bandit of Ashley Downs
JUV J1233.b

With God's love, Curly, a young nineteenth-century English boy convicted of armed robbery, reforms his ways after being sent to one of George Müller's orphan homes. 1993.

Johnson, Lois Walfrid
Raiders from the Sea
JUV J6195.r

Thirteen-year-old Bree asks God for protection when she and her brother Devin are captured and taken from their home on the Irish coast by Viking raiders in the late tenth century. 2003.

Karr, Kathleen
Fortune's Fool
JUV K1524.f

In medieval Germany, fifteen-year-old Conrad, a court jester, and his beloved Christa, a servant girl, escape from a cruel master and journey through the countryside on a quest to find a kind lord who will give them sanctuary. 2008.

Kuijer, Guus
The Book of Everything
JUV K9564.b

Nine-year-old Thomas receives encouragement from many sources, including candid talks with Jesus, to help him tolerate the strict family life dictated by his deeply-religious father. 2006.

Mills, Claudia
Perfectly Chelsea
JUV M624.p

Nine-year-old Chelsea's experiences, which include a fight with her best friend, making mistakes in the hand bell concert, and saying goodbye to the only church minister she has ever known, help her to accept that things change and that people, including herself, are not perfect. 2004.

Payne, C.C.
Something to Sing About
JUV P2905.s

Ten-year-old Jamie Jo's fear of bees keeps her inside most of the time, but a series of events that begins when her mother is excluded from the church choir brings about many changes, including new friendships and greater trust in God. 2008.

Peretti, Frank
The Cooper Kids
JUV P406.c

Features Jay and Lila Cooper and their archaeologist father as they search to find the truth behind an ancient legend, lead a rescue mission on a doomed South Sea island, search for a treasure-seeker at the bottom of a pit, and race against time and terrorists to save Lila. 2005.

Peretti, Frank
The Door in the Dragon's Throat
JUV P406.d

An American archeologist and his two children seek God's protection and guidance as they journey to the Near East in search of a buried biblical treasure which local residents believe is cursed. 1985.

Peretti, Frank
Escape from the Island of Aquarius
JUV P406.e

Two teenagers and their father brave many dangers on an exotic South Sea island as they search for a missing missionary. 1986.

Peretti, Frank
The Secret of the Desert Stone
JUV P406.s

Fourteen-year-old Jay and his younger sister Lila accompany their father to the tiny African nation of Togwana where they experience a supernatural phenomenon through a mysterious stone. 1999.

Peretti, Frank
Trapped at the Bottom of the Sea

When Lila leaves her father in Japan to stay with her aunt in Seattle the Air Force flight she is on is hijacked, and then presumed crashed, necessitating a race to find Lila and the secret weapons pod before another hostile group does. 1988.

Peretti, Frank
Tombs of Anak

When Jay and Lila Cooper enter the cave-tombs of Anak with their archaeologist father, they hope to find a co-worker who has unaccountably disappeared. Instead, they stumble onto a frightening religion and new mysteries that soon put them all in incredible danger. 1987.

Pochocki, Ethel
Soup Pot

Stories for all Seasons for Children of all ages. 1996.

Spady, Angela
Catie Conrad: Faith, Friendship, and Fashion Disasters!
JUV S7342.c

A half-dozen fashion sketches, two mean-girl disasters, one cute crush, and a pet skunk--it's just another typical day in Catie Conrad's diaries. This girl is going to need a lot of prayer to survive middle school. 2014.

Smiley, Jane
The Georges and the Jewels
JUV S63924.g

Seventh-grader Abby Lovitt grows up on her family's California horse ranch in the 1960s, learning to train the horses her father sells and trying to reconcile her strict religious upbringing with her own ideas about life. 2009.

Walls, Pamela
Abby: Lost at Sea

Thirteen-year-old Abigail Kendall dreams of faraway, exciting places. But her family's sudden move to Hawaii is much more than she ever bargained for! Set sail with Abby for an 1847 adventure filled with heart stopping danger, nasty villains, and fun surprises. Meet the delightful aloha people, smell the salty sea breeze, and get a taste of the island treats. Along the way you'll see that God can be trusted, even in rough waters. 2000.