Computer Information

The Bangor Public Library currently has more than 40 computer stations available to patrons who wish to use the internet, work on Microsoft Office documents, search our online catalogs and more. There is also WiFi through out the building and there is no password for access. These computers may be found on the first floor near the Adult Circulation Desk and in the Youth Services Department on the third floor (computers in Youth Services are restricted to use by those 17 years and younger). Computer use and internet access are free.

The Library has added a computer workstation in the Youth Services Department for adults bringing children to the Library.  These parents or guardians may use this computer for 30 minutes at a time up to 90 minutes a day while their child or children are under their supervision in the Mother Goose Corner of the Library.

     Those using Library Computers:

  • Your Bangor Public Library card is your computer pass. Log into a public workstation session using the 14-digit barcode number on the back of your library card. If you do not have your library card, or you are not a library member, then you should present a form of ID our front desk. If you are a member, we will print out your card number and pass it to you. If you are not a member, we will examine your ID (very much required). Once we’ve verified your information, we will issue you a 90-minute day pass.

  • All patrons are limited to 90 minutes of computer use per day.

  • Black & White prints cost $0.15/page for Letter & Legal-sized prints. Color prints cost $0.50/page for Letter and Legal-sized prints. Patrons assign each secure print job a Job ID. Print jobs given the same Job ID may be printed as a group. All photocopiers print in black & white. A few machines also print in color. All copiers are stocked with white letter-sized (8.5x11”) paper. Many are also stocked with white legal-sized (8.5x14”) paper. A very small number are stocked with ledger-sized (11x17”) paper. Please ask a staff member for assistance.

  • Patrons with $10 or more charged against their Library account are blocked from using the public computers.

  • Documents may be transferred to public workstations from websites, from email accounts, from USB flash dries, or from DVD discs inserted into the computers' built-in DVD disk drives.

  • Please refer to our Internet Use Policy for more information.

Downloading and Burning Audio

An individual can make a copy of a CD or parts of a CD he/she owns for your own private, non-commercial use. 

If an individual sells or gives away a copy of a copyrighted recording without the copyright owner's permission (the musician or the record company), that person may be prosecuted.

Downloading illegally distributed files from Internet sites such as is piracy. We at Bangor Public Library request that you do not use our computers for illegal music downloading, as illegal downloading may not be in accordance with Title 17, Chapter 11 of the U.S. Code

There are many sites on the Internet where a person can legally download music.  These sites either charge a monthly subscription fee or offer a per track fee.  There are other sites at which downloading music has been made available for free by either the artist or the copyright holder.

Listed below are links to a few of the many legal downloading sites on the web:

Subscription Has a monthly subscription fee based on the number of downloads per month. Has as a monthly subscription fee of $12.99 for access to the entire 1,000,000+ song Rhapsody catalog. Wal-Mart's music can be downloaded for under $10 per album (for most albums) or just under $1 a song. iTunes offers most songs for 99 cents. Many artists with MySpace pages permit free downloading of a select number of songs.

Firefox Search Plugins

For patrons using the free Mozilla Firefox web browser at home, the library offers search plugins for the URSUS catalog, as well as other Maine library catalogs.  The plugins perform a keyword search of the catalog from within the browser's toolbar, without first having to load the catalog web page.  While the URSUS and MaineCat plugins are useful for BPL patrons, the Minerva and Solar plugins are made available here patrons and staff of other libraries in the state.

URSUS is the shared catalog of the Bangor Public Library, University of Maine System, Maine State Archives, Maine State Library, Maine State Law and Legislative Reference Library.
Install the 'URSUS Catalog' search plugin

Other Library Catalogs:

WorldCat is the largest library catalog in the world. It is the international network that librarians use to facilitate interlibrary loan requests.  OCLC, the company that runs WorldCat, recently opened the database to the public for the first time (it was previously only available as a tool for librarians).  A nice feature of this database is the ability to enter your zip code to find a library nearby that owns an item.
Install the 'WorldCat Catalog' search plugin

MaineCat (formerly Maine InfoNet) is a shared catalog of libraries throughout the state.  If you cannot find an item in URSUS, check MaineCat next.  Items can be requested from MaineCat libraries to be picked up at the Bangor Public Library.  Find out more about MaineCat.
Install the 'MaineCat Catalog' search plugin

Minerva is a statewide, integrated library system started by the Maine InfoNet Project and maintained cooperatively by 40+ participating libraries in association with the Maine State Library.
Install the 'Minerva Catalog' search plugin

SOLAR: Libraries not using another compatible library automation system participate in online requesting and lending through MaineCat by contributing records to SOLAR. This makes their collections visible to other libraries and patrons.
Install the 'Solar Catalog' search plugin