Bratman, Fred
Everything You Need to Know When a Parent Dies
JUV 155.9.B737e YA
A guide to coping with the stresses and emotions arising after the death of a parent. 1998.


Vincent, Erin
Grief Girl: My True Story
JUV 155.9.V7437gYA
Imagine that you're going through one of the hardest parts of your life—being a teenager—
when your parents are killed in a horrific car crash. Now you, your 17-year-old sister, and
your three-year-old brother are on your own. Imagine what that would be like. Then read
this book and find out. 2007.

Tyson, Janet N. 
Common Threads of Teenage Grief
JUV 155.937.C737c YA
Written by a middle school counselor and nine teens. Offers true life experiences of grief and
coping, common questions teens ask, lists of recovery groups and further reading list. 1998.


DiGiulio, Robert
Straight Talk About Death and Dying
JUV 155.937.D569s YA
Discusses how Americans feel about death, teenage encounters with death, how to cope with
dying and with death, and the effects of death on survivors' relationships, and suggests ways
to find help in bereavement. 1995.


Gootman, Marilyn E. 
When a Friend Dies
JUV 155.937.G644w YA
Answers common questions about grief and bereavement, offers advice on handling one's feelings,
and suggests sources of help. 1994.


Grolllman, Earl A. 
Straight Talk About Death for Teenagers
JUV 155.937.G895s YA
Addresses issues of death particularly affecting teenagers, such as normal reactions to the shock
of death, how grief can alter relationships, how to work through grief, and more. By the author of
Living When a Loved One Has Died. 1993.


Kolf, June Cerza
Teenagers Talk About Grief
JUV 155.937.K832t YA
Talks about Acknowledgment, Adjustment and Acceptance as stages of grief, uses real teen
experiences. 1990.


Wolfelt PH.D., Alan D.  
Healing Your Grieving Heart For Teens
JUV 155.937.W8324h
Provides tips for understanding and expressing grief and offers practical ideas and suggested activities
to help teens move through their pain. 2001.


Winters, Paul
Death and Dying: Opposing Viewpoints
JUV 174.24.D349d YA
Offers opposing thoughts on the controversial aspects of death. 1998.


Brooks, Bruce
All That Remains
Three novellas explore the effects of death on young lives. 2001.


Dessen, Sarah
Someone Like You
JUV D472s YA
Best friends for years, quiet Halley and flamboyant Scarlett experience a dramatic role reversal at the beginning of their junior year, during which Scarlett's boyfriend dies in a freak accident and then discovers she is carrying his baby. 1998.

Ferris, Jean
Invincible Summer
JUV F417.i YA
Seventeen-year-old Robin, in treatment for leukemia, falls in love with a boy who also has the disease, and together they attempt to survive their ordeal. 1987.


Hawes, Louise
Rosey in the Present Tense
JUV H2888.r
Unable to accept the sudden death of his Japanese American girlfriend Rosey, seventeen-year-old Franklin
finds that she has come back to him as a spirit and eventually realizes that he must let her go. 1999.


Hesse, Karen
Phoenix Rising 
JUV H464.p YA
Thirteen-year-old Nyle learns about relationships and death when fifteen-year-old Ezra, who was exposed
to radiation leaked from a nearby nuclear plant, comes to stay at her grandmother's Vermont farmhouse. 1994.


Knowles, John
A Separate Peace
JUV K766.s YA
Focuses on the reminiscences of Gene Forrester who returns to the boarding school he attended during the
early years of World War II. 1959.


Koertge, Ron
JUV K8189.dYA
While visiting an injured classmate in the hospital, sixteen-year-old Ryan, who is trying to come to terms
with his sister's death from cancer, meets a young patient who claims to be able to see into the world
where the dead live. 2008.


Mazer, Norma Fox
After the Rain
JUV M46254.a YA
After discovering her grandfather is dying, fifteen-year-old Rachel gets to know him better than ever before
and finds the experience bittersweet. 1987.


Nelson, Jandy
The Sky is Everywhere
JUV N3344.sYA
In the months after her sister dies, seventeen-year-old Lennie falls into a love triangle and discovers the
strength to follow her dream of becoming a musician.  2010.


Marsha Qualey
Just Like That
JUV Q25.j
A tragic accident ending with the death of two people her own age changes life forever for an
eighteen-year-old woman. 2005.


Vande Velde, Vivian
Remembering Raquel
JUV V275.rYA
Various people recall aspects of the life of Raquel Falcone, an unpopular, overweight freshman at
Quail Run High School, including classmates, her parents, and the driver who struck and killed her
as she was walking home from an animated film festival. 2007.