Dragons ~ Fiction

Abbott, Tony
The Moon Dragon
JUV A136.md

When Eric and his friends finally return home from Droon, they discover that Gethwing, the moon dragon, had kidnapped most to the townspeople, including their parents. 2006.

Coombs, Kate
The Runaway Princess
JUV C77753.r

Fifteen-year-old Princess Meg uses magic and her wits to rescue a baby dragon and escape the unwanted attentions of princes hoping to gain her hand in marriage through a contest arranged by her father, the king. 2006.

Coville, Bruce
The Dragon of Doom
JUV C83586.dr

Life in the village of Pigbone is boring until an aspiring magician and his talking toad come to town and ask Edward to help them slay the Dragon of Doom. 2003.

Coville, Bruce
Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher
JUV C83586.je

Small for his age but artistically talented, twelve-year-old Jeremy Thatcher unknowingly buys a dragon's egg. 1991.

Cowell, Cressida
How to Speak Dragonese
JUV C83599.h

In this hilarious sequel to How to Train Your Dragon, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III must rescue his faithful dragon Toothless from a dastardly kidnapper, while contending with Sharkworms and the Tribe of the Hairy Hoolians. 2005.

Cowell, Cressida
How to Train Your Dragon
JUV C83599.ho

Chronicles the adventures and misadventures of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third as he tries to pass the important initiation test of his Viking clan, the Tribe of the Hairy Hooligans, by catching and training a dragon. 2004.

De Mari, Silvana
The Last Dragon
JUV D38996.l

In a post-apocalyptic world, shrouded in darkness and continually lashed by rain, a young elf named Yorsh struggles to survive. When his village is destroyed by the torrential waters, Yorsh finds himself suddenly orphaned and alone, the earth’s last elf. But soon Yorsh discovers he is part of a powerful prophecy: when the last dragon and the last elf break the circle, the past and the future will meet, and the sun of a new summer will shine in the sky. Now Yorsh must decipher the prophecy and find the last dragon, it is the only way to end the rains and to save the world from the Dark Age that has begun. Full of great tenderness and humor, this magical journey tells the story of a world now plagued by intolerance and wickedness, and the elf and the dragon who will fight for its redemption. 2004.

D'Lacey, Chris
The Fire Within
JUV D6433.f

When College student David Rain rents a room in an unusual boardinghouse full of clay dragons, he has no idea that they, along with some lively squirrels, will help jumpstart his writing career. 2005.

Downer, Ann
Hatching Magic
JUV D755.h

When a thirteenth-century wizard confronts twenty-first century Boston while seeking his pet dragon, he is followed by a rival wizard and a very unhappy demon, but eleven-year-old Theodora Oglethorpe may hold the secret to setting everything right. 2002.

Fletcher, Susan
Flight of the Dragon Kyn
JUV F629.f

Fifteen-year-old Kara is summoned by King Orrik, who believes she has the power to call down the dragons that have been plundering his realm, and she is caught up in the fierce rivalry between Orrik and his jealous brother Rog. 1993.

Funke, Cornelia
Dragon Rider
JUV F962.d

After learning that humans are headed toward his hidden home, Firedrake, a silver dragon, is joined by a brownie and an orphan boy in a quest to find the legendary valley known as the Rim of Heaven. 2004.

Gannett, Ruth Stiles
My Father's Dragon
JUV G1554.m

A young boy determines to rescue a poor baby dragon who is being used by a group of lazy wild animals to ferry them across the river on Wild Island. 1948.

Grahame, Kenneth
The Reluctant Dragon
JUV G762.r

The boy who finds the dragon in the cave knows it is a kindly, harmless one, but how can he convince the frightened villagers and, especially, St. George the dragon killer that there is no cause for concern? 2004.

Haber, Melissa Glenn
Beyond the Dragon Portal
JUV H113.b

When her younger sister disappears into a land of dragons and other strange creatures, eleven-year-old Sadie travels through a portal to rescue her with the aid of Mrs. Fitz Edna, a most unusual babysitter. 2005.

Koller, Jackie French
The Dragonling Collector's Edition
JUV K833.dc, v.1

Darek can't wait for his first Dragonquest. Then he can be just like his older brother, Clep, the hero who brought down a Great Blue, the largest and fiercest dragon of all. Darek goes to admire the kill -- and finds a dragonling peeking out of the giant dragon's pouch. Scared but curious, he feeds the hungry baby and makes an unlikely friend. But to save the helpless dragonling he must now venture into the fearsome Valley of the Dragons, risking his life to return his friend to his own fire-breathing kind! 2000.

McMullan, Kate
The New Kid at School
JUV M229.n

Wiglaf is off to Dragon Slayer's Academy and in for a first day of school he will never forget. 1997.

Prior, Natalie Jane
Lily Quench and the Dragon of Ashby
JUV P93395.l

Lily Quench, the last of a family of dragon slayers, befriends the dragon she is sent to kill and together they join forces against an evil tyrant. 2004.

Rodda, Emily
The Forests of Silence
JUV R5825.fo

The evil Shadow Lord is planning to take over the land of Deltora and enslave all its people.  In order to stop him 16-year old Lief and former palace guard Barda must find all seven stones from the magic belt of Deltora. 2000.

Wilkinson, Carole
Dragon Keeper
JUV W6572.d

An orphan slave girl becomes a Dragon Keeper when she heroically comes to the aid of an aging dragon and both go on a dangerous journey across China to protect a mysterious stone vital to the dragon's legacy. 2005.

Wrede, Patricia C.
Dealing with Dragons
JUV W925.d

Bored with traditional palace life, a princess goes off to live with a group of dragons and soon becomes involved with fighting against some disreputable wizards who want to steal away the dragons' kingdom. 1990.

Yolen, Jane
The Dragon's Boy
JUV Y7.dr

Young Arthur meets a dragon and comes to accept him as a friend and mentor. 1990.

Zinnen, Linda
The Dragons of Spratt, Ohio
JUV Z684.d

Seventh-grader John Salt, a budding animal behaviorist, and his best friend's sister become unlikely allies in an attempt to protect a pack of dragons from an unscrupulous cosmetics researcher. 2004.