Picture Books ~ Dragons

Aitken, Amy

Ruby the Red Knight

JUV 398.8.A311r

Ruby, imagining herself a Knight of the Round Table, accepts King

Arthur's challenge to solve the mystery of the disappearing realm,

coming up against a giant, a dragon, and a wizard in the course of

her quest. 1983.


Baker, Ken
Old MacDonald Had A Dragon
JUV 398.8.B1737o
The new dragon on Old MacDonald's farm puts all the other animals,

and the farmer, in peril. 2012.


Banks, Kate

Max's Dragon

JUV 398.8.B2256md

When his older brothers tease him for believing in dragons, Max, who is

desperately searching for words that rhyme, teaches his siblings a

valuable lesson in the power of imagination--and rhyming words! 2008.


Bass, Jules

Herb, the Vegetarian Dragon

JUV 398.8.B2935h

Follow the adventures of Herb and meathook when the knights of Castle

Dark decide that the time has come to rid their land of man-eating

dragons! 1999.


Berkeley, Jon


JUV 398.8.B4552c

A small mouse named Chopsticks, who lives on a floating restaurant in

China, becomes friends with a carved wooden dragon who wants to fly. 2006.


Bertrand, Lynne

One day, Two Dragons

JUV 398.8.B4624o

A counting book that relates what happens when teo dragons go to the

doctor's office at Three Bug Street to get four vaccinations. 1992.


Biedrzycki, David
Me and My Dragon: Scared of Halloween
JUV 398.8.B4757m
A boy tries to find the perfect Halloween costume for his pet dragon, so

they can go trick-or-treating together. 2013.


Bradfield, Roger

A Good Knight for Dragons

JUV 398.8.B7274g

The physical handicaps of an almost blind and deaf horse are a decided

advantage when it comes to dragon fighting. 1967.


Davol, Marguerite

The Paper Dragon

JUV 398.8.D3112p

A humble artist agrees to confront the terrifying dragon that threatens to

destroy his village. 1997.


De Paola, Tomie

The Knight and the Dragon

JUV 398.8.D44k

A knight who has never fought a dragon and an equally inexperienced dragon

prepare to meet each other in battle. 1980.


Donaldson, Julia
A Gold Star For Zog
JUV 398.8.D714go
Each year, as Zog practices new skills learned at Madam Dragon's school,

a little girl helps him out until one day he finds a way to help make her

dream come true for herself, a new friend, and Zog. 2012.



Eversole, Robyn    
East Dragon, West Dragon
JUV 398.8.E933e
East Dragon and West Dragon are suspicious of one another although they

have never met, but when the western king is captured in the Eastern Kingdom

and West Dragon goes to rescue him, they find they have much in common. 2012.


Gravett, Emily
JUV 398.8.G7887a
At bedtime, Cedric the dragon wants his mother to read his favorite book again,

and again, and again. 2013.


Holabird, Katharine

Alexander and the Dragon

JUV 398.8.H691al

A very small boy is afraid of the dark, especially when the shadow under his

bed becomes a fierce dragon.  He soon learns, however, that even dragons

have their gentle side. 1988.


Howard, Arthur

Serious Trouble

JUV 398.8.H829s

Despite the objections of his very serious parents, Prince Ernest longs to

become a jester, and this helps him in an encounter with a three-headed

dragon. 2003.


Joosse, Barbara
Lovabye Dragon
JUV 398.8.J41l
When a lonely dragon follows a trail of princess tears, a beautiful friendship

is born. They march and sing, roar and whisper, hide and seek, then settle

into snug companionship at bedtime. 2012.


Knapman, Timothy

Guess What I Found in Dragon Wood

JUV 398.8.K7265g

A young dragon finds a boy and introduces him to his family, friends, and

teacher, but it is clear that the boy would like to return to his faraway

home. 2007.


Knudsen, Michelle     
JUV 398.8.K7814a
Sallie's class is supposed to be raising chicks as a science project, but

although Argus, the large, green, scaly creature that hatches from her egg,

causes all sorts of trouble she worries about him when he disappears. 2011.


Krause, Ute

Oscar and the Very Hungry Dragon

JUV 398.8.K8675o

No princess is around to be fed to the dragon so Little Oscar's name is pulled
from the hat. Learn how the boy's cleverness comes to his rescue! 2010.


LaRochelle, David

The Best Pet of All

JUV 398.8.L327b

A young boy enlists the help of a dragon to persuade his mother to let him
have a dog as a pet. 2004.


Leedy, Loreen

A Number of Dragons

JUV 398.8.L517n

Introduces the numbers one through ten as a group of young dragons play
together and alone. 1985.


Laury, Jean Ray

No Dragons on my Quilt

JUV 398.8.L376n

When Benjamin is afraid to go to bed by himself, he is comforted by the special
quilt his grandmother makes for him.  Includes instructions and patterns for
making the quilt featured in the story. 1990.


Long, Ethan
One Drowsy Dragon
JUV 398.8. L8508o
As one dragon tries to take a nap, his ten little dragons, in increasing numbers, 
disturb his sleep by making milk shakes, screaming at scary movies, and playing
loud games. 2010.


Mayhew, James

The Knight Who Took All Day

JUV 398.8.M453kn

A dashing knight decides it's time to impress the golden-haired princess. All he
needs is a dragon to show off his marvelous talents. One day, a huge dragon
appears on the horizon, smoke pouring from his nostrils. Immediately, the knight
orders his squire to fetch his armor. But will he get dressed in time--or is this
knight more interested in appearances than action? After much waiting, the
golden-haired princess decides to tame that fire-breathing beast herself! 2005.


Mogensen, Jan

Teddy and the Chinese Dragon

JUV 398.8.M724te

While visiting a magical duck pond, Teddy overcomes his fear of dragons with
the help of his new friend, the Chinese Princess doll. 1985.


Morris, Jackie

Tell Me A Dragon

JUV 398.8.M8318t

Dragons all of shapes, sizes and colors are featured in this fantastical book
about the diverse appearances, talents, and skills of these amazing mythical
creatures and the lands over which they rule. 2009.


Munsch, Robert

The Paper Bag Princess

JUV 398.8.M928p

Princess Elizabeth, robbed of her beautiful clothes and her fiancé by a fierce
dragon, dons a paper bag and marches off to rescue her prince, only to realize
he is not worthy of her efforts. 1980.


Nesbit, E
Lionel and the Book of Beasts
JUV 398.8.N3654l
As young King Lionel turns the pages of his magical book, a hungry red dragon
and other creatures in the illustrations come to life. 2006.


Nieman, Christoph
The Pet Dragon
JUV 398.8.N5554pd    
When Lin's beloved pet dragon disappears, she searches for him far and wide
until a witch helps her to reach the dragon's new home. Introduces a different
Chinese character on each step of Lin's adventure. 2008.


Nolen, Jerdine

Raising Dragons

JUV 398.8.N717r

A farmer's young daughter shares numerous adventures with the dragon that
she raises from infancy. 1998.


Peet, Bill

How Droofus the Dragon Lost His Head

JUV 398.8.P347ho

Although he comes from a fierce family, Droofus is a good dragon undeserving
of the price the king puts on his head. 1971.


Pendziwol, Jean

No Dragons for Tea

JUV 398.8.P374n

While out for a walk with her mom, a little girl has the surprise of her life, she
meets a real, live, fire-breathing dragon! Now this dragon is nothing to be afraid
of, in fact, he's so friendly that she invites him home for tea. But their afternoon
snack is suddenly interrupted when the dragon sneezes and sets the table ablaze. 
Luckily, the girl knows just what to do, and she teaches her new friend to be fire
smart, too. 1999.


Pilkey, Dav

Dragon Gets By

JUV 398.8.P644dr

Dragon wakes up groggy and does everything wrong all day long. 1991.


Robertson, M.P.

The Dragon and the Gruesome Twosome

JUV 398.8.R5473d

George and his dragon are back in this magical adventure to save a fairytale
kingdom from two terrible troll twins. Can George save the day? 2008.


Robertson, M. P.

The Egg

JUV 398.8.R5473e

George hatches a dragon from a strange egg that he finds and then faces the
challenge of raising him properly. 2001.


Robertson, M.P.

The Great Dragon Rescue

JUV 398.8.R5473g

George and his old friend the dragon try to rescue a baby dragon from a
witch. 2004.


Rubin, Adam
Dragons Love Tacos
JUV 398.8.R8237d
Explores the love dragons have for tacos, and the dangers of feeding them
them anything with spicy salsa. 2012.


Sellier, Marie

Legend of the Chinese Dragon

JUV 398.8.S4676l

Long ago the people of China lived, worked, and fought under the protection
of guardian spirits that took on the appearance of animals, but the children
grew tired of war and created a new spirit to protect all the people and bring
peace. 2006.


Sperring, Mark
The Sunflower Sword
JUV 398.8.S7512s
In a land marked by endless fighting between knights and dragons, a mother
gives her eager little boy a sunflower rather than the sword he requests, and
when he wields it against a real dragon, new understanding begins. 2011.


Stock, Catherine

Emma's Dragon Hunt

JUV 398.8.S864e

Emma's grandfather, newly arrived from China, introduces her to the power
of dragons. 1984.


Talbot, John

The Dragon's Cold

JUV 398.8.T1419d

Alex and his friends discover Duncan, the dragon, on the beach.  Duncan
has a dreadful cold which has put out his fire, Can the children help him
get itback? 1988.


Tucker, Kathy

The Seven Chinese Sisters

JUV 398.8.T797s

When a dragon snatches the youngest of seven talented Chinese sisters, 
the other six come to her rescue. 2003.


Williams, Arlene

Dragon Soup

JUV 398.8.W6698d

When Tonlu tries to steal a pearl from the Cloud Dragons' treasure in order
to help her father pay his debts, she finds herself resolving a dispute
about soup recipes. 1996.


Willis, Val

The Secret in the Matchbox

JUV 398.8.W6796s

Bobby takes his matchbox containing an awesome secret to school, where
the class slowly and horrifyingly becomes involved with the contents. 1988.



Wojtowycz, David    
Elephant Joe, Brave Knight!: A Tale of Knightly Chivalrousness
JUV 398.8.W8297e
Knights Elephant Joe and Zebra Pete are tasked with rescuing the king's
crown from the Dark Knight, who is guarded by a fierce dragon. 2011.


Wormell, Christopher

George and the Dragon

JUV 398.8.W8933g

George the mouse unintentionally rids the kingdom of a ferocious dragon. 2006.


Yolen, Jane
Waking Dragons
JUV 398.8.Y78wd
In the morning, dragons wake up, tumble out of bed, and get ready to fly into
the sky. 2012.