Dragons ~ General

Evslin, Bernard
The Dragon of Boeotia
JUV 292.E93dr

A fierce dragon plaguing a region of Greece comes into combat with the young prince, Cadmus of Phoenicia. The book's illustrations are famous works of art covering many centuries. 1987.

Hague, Michael
The Book of Dragons
JUV 398.2.B6438b

A collection of short stories featuring dragons, by such authors as Italo Calvino, Kenneth Grahame, and Elizabeth Coatsworth. 1995.

Passes, David
Dragons: Truth, Myth, and Legend
JUV 398.2.P2675d

Presents various myths and legends about dragons and discusses dragon lore from around the world. 1993.

Hodges, Margaret
Saint George and the Dragon: A Golden Legend
JUV 398.2.S139s

Retells the segment from Spenser's The Faerie Queene, in which George, the Red Cross Knight slays the dreadful dragon that has been terrorizing the countryside for years and brings peace and joy to the land. 1984.

Yolen, Jane
Merlin and the Dragons
JUV 398.2.Y78m

When young Arthur is troubled by dreams, Merlin tells him a story about a fatherless boy who himself dreamedabout dragons and the defeat of the evil king Vortigern. 1995.

Drake, Ernest
Dr. Ernest Drake's Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons
JUV 398.2454.S814d

Accompanied by a dragon-calling spell, dragon riddles, and samples of dragon wings and dragon skin, a renowned dragonologist introduces young believers to the incredible world of these mysterious creatures where he ponders their many extraordinary abilities. 2003.

Trumbauer, Lisa
A Practical Guide to Dragons
JUV 398.2454.T7715p

This illustrated "field guide" to the habits of dragons brings readers of all ages into a magical and mysterious world where dragons come alive! Young dragon hunters will enjoy the helpful tips, secret maps, and dragon anatomy, while every reader will be amazed by the variety of dragons included. With full-color art from some of the fantasy genre's most talented illustrators. 2006.

Green, Roger Lancelyn
A Cavalcade of Dragons
JUV 398.4.G825c

An anthology containing thirty-nine tales of dragon lore derived from ancient and modern sources. 1970.

Lawson, Julie
The Dragon's Pearl
JUV 398.4.L445d

During a terrible drought, a cheerful, dutiful son finds a magic pearl which forever changes his live and the lives of his mother and neighbors. 1993.

Manning-Sanders, Ruth
A Book of Dragons
JUV 398.4.M316bo

An anthology of fourteen dragon tales from China, Ireland, Macedonia, Germany, Greece, and Rumania. 1964.

Gibbons, Gail
Behold--The Dragons!
JUV ME COLL 398.469.G352b

Explains how myths about dragons developed, different types of dragons, what draconologists do, and how different cultures portray dragons. 1999.

Wyly, Michael
JUV 398.469.W9904d

Discusses what are dragons, dragon's breath, guardians, and dragon slayers.  Discusses the role of dragons in myth, fantasy, art, and literature. 2002.

Hart, Christopher
Kids Draw Knights, Kings, Queens & Dragons
JUV 741.5.H251kk


Peffer, Jessica
DragonArt: How to Draw Fantastic Dragons and Fantasy Creatures
JUV 743.87.P3483d


Yolen, Jane
Here There Be Dragons
JUV 808.3.Y78h

A collection of both new and previously published stories and poems about dragons. 1993.

Carle, Eric
Eric Carle's Dragons Dragons and Other Creatures That Never Were
JUV 808.81.C192er

An illustrated collection of poems about dragons and other fantastic creatures by a variety of authors. 1991.

Prelutsky, Jack
The Dragons Are Singing Tonight
JUV 811.59.P915d

A collection of poems about dragons. 1993.

Gresh, Lois H.
The Ultimate unauthorized Eragon Guide: The Hidden Facts Behind the World of Alagaësia
JUV 813.6.G8664u

An in-depth look at the magical people, places, and creatures of the Inheritance series, including an explanation of the folk references, myths, and legends that form the basis of the books. 2006.

Nash, Ogden
The Tale of Custard the Dragon
JUV 817.59.N175t

In this humorous poem, Custard the cowardly dragon saves the day when a pirate threatens Belinda and her pet animals. 1995.