Aaseng, Nathan
Teens and Drunk Driving
JUV 363.12514.A115t YA
Examines teens and drunk driving, discussing how drinking affects driving ability, who drinks and drives and why, the law and drunk driving, and preventing drunk driving tragedies. 2000.

Gerdes, Louise
Drunk Driving 
JUV 363.12514.D845d
Essays cover the scope of the problem, including international trends, case studies, prevention, grass-roots organizations, and such legal issues as blood alcohol concentration legislation, business liability, and legal advertising. 2001.

Aretha, David
On the Rocks
JUV 613.81.A6827o
Examines the physical, emotional, and social costs of alcohol abuse and the disease of alcoholism through a combination of current statistics, information from research studies, and the words of those personally struggling with alcohol abuse. 2007.


Aronson, Sarah
Head Case
JUV A766.hYA
Forced to deal with his own paralysis and the death of two innocent victims as a result of his drunk driving, Frank must cope with his major injuries and the fact that he can no longer care for himself while facing the harsh reality that others are still demanding jail time for his criminal act. 2007.

Doll, Jen
Unclaimed Baggage
JUV D6665.u YA
Told from three viewpoints, teens Doris, Nell, and Grant find friendship and the possibility of love while working in Unclaimed Baggage, a store that sells items that went missing during airline travel. 2018.

Foxlee, Karen
Midnight Dress
JUV F8374.m YA
Rose, nearly sixteen, is used to traveling around with her alcoholic father but connects with the people of a small, coastal Australian town, especially classmate Pearl and reclusive Edie, who teaches her to sew a magical dress for the Harvest Festival while a mystery unfolds around them. 2013.

French, Gillian
"It's summer in rural Maine; when 17-year-old Darcy Prentiss isn't raking berries with her sister during the day, she's drinking and swimming with the boys in the quarry at night. But the fun is what's been keeping Darcy's mind off the disturbing secret she shares with Nell; the disappearance of her ex-best friend; and that hazy Fourth of July party that ended with Darcy drunk, flat on her back, and wondering how she let it get this far. Everything she has been trying to keep down comes bubbling to the surface when she is nominated to be Bay Festival Princess. 2017.

Johnson,  Peter
What Happened
JUV J625.w
When Duane is involved in a hit and run accident during a snowstorm, passengers Kyle and his younger brother must face Duane's powerful father, a man whose hatred of their own absent father may lead him to harm the boys. 2007.

Laurie, Victoria
JUV L3676.w YA
Sixteen-year-old Maddie Flynn cannot help but see the death date of everyone she meets or sees in a photograph or on-screen, and her alcoholic mother exploits this by having her do readings for money, but when Maddie predicts the death of a young boy, she becomes the center of an FBI investigation. 2015


McDaniel, Lurlene
Hit and Run
JUV M138.hi YA
Events surrounding the hit and run accident of a popular high school student are told from the viewpoints of those involved, including the victim. 2007.

Peck, Dale
JUV P3242.s YA
Moving from Long Island to Kansas after his mother dies, a teenager nicknamed Sprout deals with his father's drinking, his own sexuality, and a teacher who is determined to turn him into a winning essay writer. 2009.

Suzuma, Tabitha
JUV S96987.f YA
Sixteen-year-old Maya and seventeen-year-old Lochan tell, in their separate voices, of their confusion and longing as they fall in love with one another after years of functioning as parents to three younger siblings due to their alcoholic mother's neglect. 2011.

Thompson, Kate
Creature of the Night
JUV T3746.c YA
Bobby lives a reckless life smoking, drinking, and stealing cars in Dublin. So his mother moves the family to the country. But Bobby suspects their cottage might not be as quaint as it seems. And spooky details of the history of their little cottage gradually turn Bobby into a detective of night creatures real and imagined. 2009

Vrettos, Adrienne
JUV V958.b YA
Months after coming out of alcohol and drug rehab, high school student Nan wakes up on the subway the day after Halloween wearing a torn Halloween costume, her long hair cut, and "HELP ME" scrawled across her chest, feeling sick and having no idea how she got there. 2011.