Yes, the library has that!

Along with our collections of CD's, DVD's, and audiobooks, the library also has many other neat things you can borrow! 



The Emera Astronomy Center and Jordan Planetarium have generously donated a pass for a family of four to be used for their Sunday afternoon show. The pass must be checked out by 4:30pm on the Friday before the show because the Planetarium needs to be notified about the reservation. The pass may be reserved through the Bangor Public Library Reference Department, please stop by on the 2nd floor or call us at 947-8336.


Orion Starblast Telescope

We have an Orion Starblast Telescope available to borrow. The Orion Starblast is a 4.5 inch reflective telescope. It comes with instructions about using the telescope, a National Audubon Society Pocket Guide to Constellations, and a headlamp. The telescope was a gift of the Cornerstones of Science.

uke resize.png


That’s right! We’ve got two ukuleles that are available to be checked out for three weeks at a time, one per family. They were donated by the Fairmount Ukulele Society of Bangor and K2Music Store. You can also check out the free ukulele lessons on Artistworks. Come to the Reference Desk to learn more!


celestron digital microscopes

Thanks to a grant received from the Maine Charity Fund of the Maine Community Foundation, you are now able to check out two microscopes.  The microscopes require installing software on your home computer and allow you to take pictures and videos! They also circulate with a box of fun things such as feathers and fossils that were donated to us by The Rock and Art Shop of Bangor.  


We are pleased to offer a one day pass (one per day) to the Maine Discovery Museum. The pass is good for one group of 2-4 people with at least one child. The pass is available on a first-come, first-serve basis to members of our library. It is good only for the date of issue, and patrons may use the pass once a month. Contact the Youth Services Department, 947-8336 ext 111 for more details.

2019 Maine State Park Vehicle Passes are here!

We have a pass that provides FREE admission for one vehicle (up to 17 passenger van) to enter most state parks in Maine. The pass is good for one day use only (no camping).  Any adult (over 18) who is in good standing with the Bangor Public Library (no overdue items, fines, or billed items) may check out the pass. You must show a valid government-issued identification. Pick up is either the day or evening before the trip. The pass must be returned by evening of use or by 10:30 am the following day. Due to popularity, the pass cannot be renewed.

Other Items:

The following DIY Electronics and Maker Kits are available for check out to students grades 6-12 and of course to adults too!

2 SparkFun Inventor's Kits (Includes and Arduino-compatible SparkFun RedBoard) You provide the computer and the internet connection.
2 Sparkfun Inventor's Kits (for IOIO OTG and Android) An internet connection and Android device is required.
2 Sparkfun Intermediate Tool Kits
2 Makey Makey Deluxe Kits
2 Squishy Circuit Kits (You make the conductive and insulating play dough) Watch the TED talk on Squishy Circuits
2 Insignia Multi-Format Memory Card Readers (to transfer files between memory cards and PC)

The DIY Electronics are funded through a grant received from the Maine Charity Fund of the Maine Community Foundation that was cosponsored by Bangor Public Library, the Maine Discovery Museum, and the local Hacker Club.