Picture Books ~ Ducks

Jez Alborough

Fix-It Duck
JUV 398.8.A339f
Duck's attempts to deal with various minor disasters only lead to more problems. 2002


Lynne Berry

Duck Dunks

JUV 398.8.B4598dd

The reader is invited to count the ducks as they enjoy a day at the beach. 2008.

Toni Buzzeo

Dawdle Duckling
JUV ME COLL 398.8.B9899d
Mama Duck tries to keep Dawdle Duckling together with his siblings, but he wants

to dawdle and dream, preen and play, splash and spin. 2003

Doreen Cronin

Giggle Giggle Quack
JUV 398.8.C8815g
When Farmer Brown goes on vacation, leaving his brother Bob in charge, Duck

makes trouble by changing all his instructions to notes the animals like much better. 2002

Jonathan Emmett

Ruby In Her Own Time
JUV 398.8.E5542r
Ruby, the last of Mother Duck's and Father Duck's eggs to hatch, is slower to develop

than her four siblings, until one day she flies further and higher than any of them. 2003

Harvey Fierstein

The Sissy Duckling
JUV 398.8.F4637s
Elmer the duck is teased because he is different, but he proves himself by not only

surviving the winter, but also saving his Papa. 2002

Judy Hindley

Do Like a Duck Does
JUV 398.8.H5863d
By challenging a hairy stranger to imitate the behavior of herself and her ducklings,

a mother duck proves that he is a fox and not a duck. 2002

Joan Rankin

Wow! It's Great Being a Duck
JUV 398.8.R1678w
Lillee, the littlest duck in the family, decides she does not want to learn how to

swim and so takes off, marching into the woods, but being new to the world, she

is unaware of the danger she faces and must be extra careful when making new friends. 1997

Michael Rex

Truck Duck
JUV 398.8.R329t
A variety of animals drive vehicles whose name rhyme with their own. 2004

David Shannon

Duck on a Bike
JUV 398.8.S5275du
A duck decides to ride a bike and soon influences all the other animals on the

farm to ride bikes too. 2002

Nancy Tafuri

Goodnight My Duckling
JUV 398.8.T125g
A duck decides to ride a bike and soon influences all the other animals on the

farm to ride bikes too. 2005

Lauren Thompson

Little Quack
JUV 398.8.T375l
One by one, four ducklings find the courage to jump into the pond and paddle

with Mama Duck, until only Little Quack is left in the nest, trying to be brave. 2003

Martin Waddell

Webster J. Duck
JUV 398.8.W115wj
Webster J. Duck turns to several animals when he tries to find his mother. 2001