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Major Sources for Bangor and Penobscot County

Vital Records: 

SourceVital Records of Bangor, ME Births 1795-1917, Deaths 1800-1892, Marriages 1834-1892
Location: Births and Deaths in book form at back of room in glass cabinet, 974.131.1 Microfilm found in boxes in the microfilm room.

City Directories: 

SourceBangor/ Brewer City Directories 1834-1869 (scattered years)
1869+ Location: early years are kept in the vault and can be asked for at the Reference Desk those from 1869+ are located in the Bangor Room (974.131.A1)

Obituary Index: 

SourceBangor Daily News Index, contains obituary listings under the heading Families and Individuals-(Name of Family)
Location: in wooden boxes at end of Bangor Room. Source: Bangor Daily Commercial, obituary lists from 1914-1922
Location: in file cabinet in Reference Dept.under heading Bangor-Vital Records. Source: Bangor/Brewer City Directory Death Lists, 1909-1916 Location: in file cabinet in Reference Dept. under the heading Bangor-Vital Records. Source: Obituary Notices of Bangor and Other Maine People Taken From Bangor Newspapers, Feb. 1916 - July 19,1927
Location: in Bangor Room (974.131.O12)

Cemetery Records: 

Source: Mount Hope Cemetery Interment Listing, lists names from 1861+
Location: last shelf on left-hand side of the Bangor Room, or online at

Source: Bangor City Cemetery Interment Records Online http://www.bangormaine.gov/content/318/358/388/default.aspx 

Source: List of Bangor Cemeteries and how to obtain records
Location: Ask for in the Bangor Room

Family Histories: 

Source: One Branch of the Keefe or Keeffe Family of Bangor, ME (this is just one example of a family history )
Location: family histories are found on right-hand side of the Bangor Room in the 929. section alphabetically arranged by surnames

Bangor Histories: 

Source: Bangor Historical Magazine, 1885-1892
Location: in Bangor Room (974.1.M28). Source: Bangor, Maine 1769-1914 : an architectural history
Location: in Bangor Room (974.131.T372.b)

Bangor Church Records: 

Source: The Church Directory of Bangor and Brewer, Containing the Names, Location, List of Officers, Order of Services, and Membership of The Different Churches 1894
Location: in Bangor Room (277.41.B22.1) *This is just one example. Other church records may be found by looking in the
old wooden card catalog under Bangor, ME. (name of church) or Bangor, (ME)- Churches.

Penobscot County Records:

Source: Genealogical Index to Penobscot County History of Maine, 1882
Location: in Bangor Room (974.13.1a). Source: Marriage Returns of Penobscot County, Maine Prior to 1892
Location: in Bangor Room (929.1741.M3495m). Source: Abstracts of Penobscot County Maine Probate Records, 1816-1883
Location: in Bangor Room (929.37413 .A164ab). Source: U. S. Census Records for Penobscot County, 1800-1920
Location: boxes of microfilm found on shelves at end of left-hand side of Bangor Room (929.3741.J137.m), along with book indexes for films

Civil War and War of 1812: 

Source: History of Penobscot County, Maine (lists Bangor participants in these Wars)
Location: in Bangor Room (974.13.1a). Source: Second to None : the story of the 2d Maine volunteer infantry : "the Bangor regiment"
Location: in Bangor Room (973.7441.M923.s). Source: Eastern Maine and the Rebellion : being an account of the principal local events in eastern Maine during the war Location: found in the Bangor Room (973.7441.B3) *for more info. on Maine in the Civil War and individual regiments, check the 973.7441… section in the Bangor Room


Source: Oracle, Bangor High School 1892+
Location: ask for at Reference Desk (373.741.B224.o)

Source: Bapstonian 1946-1957, Crusader 1958+, John Bapst
Location: ask for at Reference Desk (373.741.J62.b)

SourceBangor High School Catalog, 1894-1936, 1953-4
right hand side of Bangor Room (379.741.B22)

Source: Catalogue of the Girl's High School, 1851-1860
right hand side of the Bangor Room (373.741.B22)

***This is by no means a complete list of Bangor and Penobscot County sources, only a starting point for your research. There are many other Maine sources containing genealogical information on Bangor people. Check with a Reference librarian for help.

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