Alia's:  Mission: Saving the Books of Iraq JUV 020.92.S7832a 

Alison Dare JUV 741.5973.T6362c

Amelia Earhart:  Free in the Skies JUV 629.13092.B924a

Amelia Rules: The Whole World's Crazy JUV 741.5973.G7484aw

Amelia Rules: What Makes You Happy JUV 741.5973.G7484a

The Amulet of Samarkand JUV 741.5942.S9254a

Angelic Layer (vol. 1-4) JUV 741.5973.A5822a 

Anne Frank JUV 940.5318.J1593a

Archie Americana Series: Best of the Fifties Bk. 2 JUV 741.5973.B4647b

Artemis Fowl JUV 741.59415.A7863a

Babymouse: Burns Rubber JUV 741.5973.H7304bab

Babymouse: Dragonslayer JUV 741.5973.H7304bd

Babymouse: Heartbreaker JUV 741.5973.H7304bh

Babymouse: Monster Mash JUV 741.5973.H7304bm

Babymouse: Our Hero JUVC 741.5973.H7304bo

Babymouse: Puppy Love JUV 741.5973.H7304bp

Babymouse: Queen of the World! JUV 741.5973.H7304b

Babymouse: Rock Star JUV 741.5973.H7304br

Babymouse: Skater Girl JUV 741.5973.H7304bs

Babymouse: The Musical JUV 741.5973.H7304ba

Baby-Sitters Club:  Kristy's Great Idea JUV 741.5973.M3632k

Baby-Sitters Club: Mary Anne Saves the Day JUV 741.5973.T2374m

The Barefoot Serpent JUV 741.5.M8385b

Baron the Cat Returns JUV 741.5973.H5397b

Batman: A Celebration of 75 Years JUV 741.5973.B3213b

Batman: The Story of the Dark Knight JUV 398.8.C8203b

The Battle of Iwo Jima JUV 940.54.H17b

Benny and Penny in the big No-No! JUV 741.5973.H3267be

Benny and Penny in the Toy Breaker JUV 741.5973.H3267bp

Binky: License to Scratch JUV

A Bit Haywire JUV 741.5973.H8664b

The Bloodiest Day: Battle of Antietam JUV 973.7336.H17b

Bluffton JUV 741.5973.P5101b

Bone: Crown of Horns JUV 741.5973.S6515cr

Bone: The Dragonslayer JUV 741.5973.S6515d

Bone: Eyes of the Storm JUV 741.5973.S6515e

Bone: Ghost Circles JUV 741.5973.S6515gh

Bone:  Old Man's Cave JUV 741.5973.S6515ol

Bone: Rock Jaw JUV 741.5973.S6515rj

Bone: Tall Tales JUV 741.5973.S6515ta

Bone:  Treasure Hunters JUV 741.5973.S6518t

Bone Sharps, Cowboys, and Thunder Lizards JUV 560.O89b

Bumper Boy and the Loud, Loud Mountain JUV 741.5.H8718bl

Bumper Boy Loses His Marbles JUV 741.5.H8718b

Calamity Jack JUV 741.5973.H1354c

Cardboard JUV 741.5973.T2557c

Cardcaptor Sakura (vol. 1 - 6) JUV 741.5973.C1786c

Castle in the Sky (vol. 1-4) JUV 741.5973.M6997c

Cat Burglar Black JUV 741.5973.S1592c

Charles Dickens and Friends JUV

A Cheese Related Mishap and Other Stories JUV 741.5973.F9157c

Chiggers JUV 741.5973. L3298c

Cinderella JUV 741.5973.b7253C

City in Peril! JUV 741.5973.C6905c

Clan Apis JUV 741.5973.H7937c

The Collected Alison Dare Little Miss Adventures JUV 741.5973.T6364c

The Complete Bone Adventures (vol. 1) JUV 741.5973.S6515c

Coraline JUV 741.5973.G1272c

The Courageous Princess JUV 741.5973.E7734c

Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things JUV 741.5973.N1433c 

Crogan's March JUV 741.5973.S4134cm

Daydreams of a Solitary Hamster JUV 741.5944.D4537d

Days Like This JUV 741.5973.T6362d

Doggone Town (Nancy Drew: Girl Detective # 13) JUV 741.5973.P4493d

Dragon Ball (vol. 1-6 & 8 & vol. 10-12) JUV 741.5973.T6324d

Dragonball (vols 7-9) JUV 741.5973.T6324.dr

Dragon Ball ZJUV 741,5973.T6324dz

Dragon Knights JUV 741.5973.O3763d

The Dragonslayer JUV 741.5973.S6515d

Elijah: God's Fiery Prophet JUV ME COLL 221.92.E424e

Emiko Superstar JUV 741.5973.T1503e

Escape From Lucien (Amulet bk 6)741.5973.K5337.e

Excalibur: The Legend of King Arthur JUV 741.5973.L5158e

Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde (vol. 4) JUV 741.5973.W6445f 

Fashion Kitty and the Unlikely Hero JUV H229.fa

Fashion Kitty Versus the Fashion Queen JUV

Fighter Pilots JUV 358.43.W5202f

The First King Adventures (1-2) JUV 741.5952.F9557f

Flight Explorer (vol. 1) JUV 741.59.F6443f

Gandhi: My Life Is My Messege JUV 741.5942.Q445g

Geronimo Stilton: The Discovery of America JUV 741.5973.S8577g

Geronimo Stilton: The Secret of the Sphinx JUV 741.5973.S8577gs

Girl Stories JUV 741.5973.W4335g

The Glorkian Warrior Eats Adventure Pie JUV 741.5973.K8112gl

Golem's Mighty Swing JUV 741.5973.S9362g

Good-Bye Chunky Cheese JUV 741.5.T3724g

Ghostopolis JUV 741.5973.T2557g

Goosebumps Graphix (vol. 1-3)JUV 741.5973.G6443g

Grampa and Julie: Shark Hunters JUV 741.5973.C969g

Graphic Classics: Robert Louis Stevenson JUV 821.89.S848g

The Graveyard Book (vol. 1) JUV 741.5973.G1272g v.1

The Great Cow Ra JUV 5973.S6515g

Gunnerkrigg Court (vol. 1)JUV 741.5973.S5683g

Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword JUV 741.5973.D4897h

Hidden JUV 741.531.D2693.h

Isadora Duncan JUV B.D912Ji

Jack and the Box JUV 741.5.S755.j

Jellaby JUV 741.5973.S7113j

Jellaby: Monster in the City JUV 741.5973.S7113j

Joey Fly Private Eye JUV 741.5973.R333j

Just a Girl JUV 741.5973.T1563j

Kampung Boy JUV 741.5973.L34k

Kaput & Zosky JUV 741.5944.T7533k

Kingdom Hearts (vol. 1-2) JUV 741.5952.A4843.k

Kingdom Hearts (vol 3-4) JUV

King Lear JUV 741.5973.H5883w

Kit Feeny: On the Move JUV 741.5973.T6653k

Kodocha: Sana's Stage (vol. 1- 8) JUV 741.5973.O121k

Korgi JUV 741.5.S6313k

L. Frank Baum's The Wizard of Oz JUV 741.5973.C3143l

Laika JUV 741.5942.A1163l

The Last Knight: An Introduction to Don Quixote JUV 863.32.P5

Leave it to Chance JUV 741.5973.R5633l

Leave it to Pet JUV 741.5952.S6984l v.1

Legion of Super-Heroes: Teenage Revolution JUV 741.5.W1317l

Lies in the Dust: A Tale of Remorse From the Salem Witch Trials JUV 741.5973.C8502.l

Lions, Tigers and Bears: Fear and Pride JUV 741.5973.L6613l

The Little Endless Storybook JUV 741.5973.T3744l

Little Lit JUV 741.5.L7294l

The Little Prince JUV 741.5944.s5227lp

Little Vampire Does Kung Fu JUV 791.5944.S5227l

Little Vampire Goes to School JUV 741.5944.S5227lv

Luke On the Loose JUV 741.5973.G6195l

Magic Pickle JUV 741.5973.M8387m

Magic Trixie JUV 741.5973.T3744m

Mad House (Hardy Boys: Undercover Brothers #3) JUV 741.5973.L7827m

Marwe: Into the Land of the Dead JUGV 741.5973.C8702m

The Merchant of Venice JUV 741.5973.H5883m

Miracle Girls (vol. 1-9) JUV 741.5973.A3154

Missing the Boat JUV 741.5973.C4417m

Mo and Jo: Fighting Together Forever JUV 741.5973.L9913m

Monkey vs. Robot JUV 741.5973.K8112mr

Monkey vs. Robot and the Crystal of Power JUV 741.5973.K8112m

Monster On The Hill JUV 741.5973.H2357.m

The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet JUV

Mr. Cheeters is Missing JUV 741.5973.P4493m

Mr. Mendoza's Paintbrush JUV 741.56973.U8132m

Naruto (vol. 1-5) JUV 741.5952.K6422n

Nausicaa : Of the Valley of the Wind (vol. 1& 2) JUV 741.5973.M6997n  

Oddly Normal (Vol. 1) JUV 741.5973.F8437o

The Odyssey JUV 741.5973.H5883o

Out From Boneville JUV 741.5973.S6515o

Owly: Just a Little Blue JUV 741.5973.R8755j

Owly: A Time to be Brave JUV 741.5973.R8755t

Owly: The Way Home & The Bittersweet Summer JUV 741.5973.R8755o

Peanutbutter & Jeremy's Best Book Ever JUV 741.5973.K8112pj

Point Blank JUV 741.5973.H7854p

Power Rangers Ninja Storm: Thunder Strangers JUV 741.5973.T4243t

Queen Bee JUV 741.5973.C6274q

Redwall JUV 741.5973.J1643r

Resistance JUV 741.5973.J1144r

Return of the Dapper Men JUV 741.5973.M1265r

Robot Dreams JUV 741.5973.V4344r

Robot Rampage JUV 741.5973.N5327r

Rose JUV 741.5973.S6515rYA

Rurouni Kenshin (vol.1 & 6) JUV 741.5952.W3397r

Sailor Moon (vol.1 & 2) JUV 741.5.T1394s

Saint Tail (vol. 1-7) JUV 741.5973.T1173s

Salamander Dream JUV 741.5973.L3298s

Salt Water Taffy (vol.1 & vol.3) JUV 741.5973.L9397s

Sardine in Outer Space (vol. 1-6) JUV 741.5944.G9407s

Satchel Paige: Striking Out Jim Crow JUV 741.5973.S9362s

Scary Godmother JUV 741.5973.T3744s

Shaman King (vol. 1-5)JUV 741.5952.T1397s

Silk Tapestry and Other Chinese Folktales JUV 741.5973.A8624s

The Sinking of the Titanic JUV 741.5973.D6707s

Space Pirate: Sardine in Outer Space JUV 741.5944.G9407sp

Space Pirate: Sardine vs. the Brainwashing Machine JUV 741.5944.G9407sb

Spiral-Bound JUV741.5973.R2937s

Star Wars: Jedi Academy JUV 741.5973.B8136.j

Stone Rabbit: Deep-Space Disco JUV 741.5973.C8423d

Stone Rabbit:  Pirate Palooza JUV 741.5973.C8423p

The Stonekeeper: Amulet (vol.1) JUV 741.5973.K5337s

The Storm in the Barn JUV 741.5952.P5101s

The Strongest Man in the World JUV B.C9934Ds

Sundiata, the Lion of Mali:  A Legend of Africa JUV 741.5973.E3643s

Superman for All Seasons JUV 741.5973.L8224s

The Swiss Family Robinson JUV 741.5973.P8714s

The Tale of Despereaux JUV 741.5973.S6552t

A Tale of Two Cities JUV D55.t

Tales of Supernatural Law JUV 741.5973.L3346t

Teen Titans (vol. 1-4) JUV 741.5973.J6222t

Tellos: Reluctant Heroes JUV 741.5973.D5337r

The Tempest JUV 822.33.Q54

Thea Stilton: The Secret of Whale Island JUV 741.5973.S8579.s

Thoreau at Walden JUV 741.5973.T3912t

Three Thieves: Tower of Treasure JUV 741.5973.C3644t v. 1

Through the Woods JUV 741.5973.C2363.t

Tiny Titans (vol. 1-2) JUV 741.5973.B2167t

Tiny Tyrant JUV 741.5944.T7533t

T-Minus:The Race to the Moon JUV 741.5952.O89t

To Dance: A Ballerina's Graphic Novel JUV 741.5973.S5714t

Tommysaurus Rex JUV 741.5973.T2557t

Trickster: Native American Tales JUV 741.5973.T7316t

Ultimate Spider Man (vol. 1-3) (vol. 7-8) JUV 741.5973.J3982u

The Unsinkable Walker Bean JUV 741.5973.R2937u

Way of the Rat (vol. 1) JUV 741.5973.D6437w

Where's Leopold? Snowball Truce JUV 741.5944.A3557.s

The Wizard of Oz JUV 741.5973.C3143l

WJHC On the Air JUV 74105952.F5341w

Wonder Woman's Book of Myths JUV 741.5973.H5214w

Wonderland JUV 741.5973.K8497w

Wrinkle In Time JUV 741.5973.L3298w

Yakari and the Stranger JUV 741.5.D4452y

The Yellow Jar JUV 741.5973.A8624y

Yotsuba &! (vol. 1) JUV 741.5973.A9978y 

Yuyu Hakusho (vol. 1-2) JUV 741.5973.T5722y

Zeus: King of the Gods JUV 741.5.O1837z 

Zita the Spacegirl (vol. 1) JUV 741.5973.H2863z