Large Type

Morris, Deborah
Shark Attack and Other True Stories
JUV Large Type 277.3.M8317s

Shark attack!: The Melissa Rodriquez story; A ski slope rescue!: the Shawn Durrant story; Drive for Dad's life!: the Jolene Daniels story. 2002.

Morris, Deborah
Whirlpool and Other True Stories
JUV Large Type 277.3.M8317w

Whirlpool!: The John Collmer story; Kidnapped!: The Raymond Lauriano story; Over the Edge: The David James story. 2002.

Kincaid, Lucy
Hansel and Gretel
JUV Large Type 398.4.G883ha

An adaptation of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm's Hansel and Gretel. 1986.

Merriam-Webster, Inc.
Merriam-Webster's Concise Dictionary
JUV Large Type 423.1.M551m


Mowat, Farley
Never Cry Wolf
JUV Large Type 599.744.M87n

A sometimes serious and often times humorous account of Farley Mowat's solitary stay in the arctic studying wolves. 1963.

Paulsen, Gary
My Life in Dog Years
JUV Large Type 813.54.P285m

The author describes some of the dogs that have had special places in his life, including his first dog, Snowball, in the Philippines; Dirk, who protected him from bullies; and Cookie, who saved his life. 2000. (Ages 10+).

Twain, Mark
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
JUV Large Type 817.44.Q13


Gilbreth, Frank B.
Cheaper by the Dozen
JUV Large Type 818.59.G378c


Hautzig, Esther Rudomin
The Endless Steppe: Growing up in Siberia
JUV Large Type 915.7.H298e


Fritz, Jean
Traitor, the Case of Benedict Arnold
JUV Large Type B.A752Ft

A study of the life and character of the brilliant Revolutionary War general who deserted to the British for money. 2002. (Ages 9-12).

Reiss, Johanna
The Upstairs Room
JUV Large Type B.R2762Ru Awards

A Dutch Jewish girl describes the two-and-one-half years she spent in hiding in the upstairs bedroom of a farmer's house during World War II. 1973. (Ages 9-12).

Shapiro, Marc
J.K. Rowling: The Wizard Behind Harry Potter
JUV Large Type B.R7972Sj

Biography of the author of the Harry Potter books. 2001. (Ages 8-12).

Spinelli, Jerry
Knots in my Yo-Yo String: The Autobiography of a Kid
JUV Large Type B.S.757Sk

This Italian-American Newbery Medalist presents a humorous account of his childhood and youth in Norristown, Pennsylvania. 2000. (Ages 9-12).

Almond, David
Heaven Eyes
JUV Large Type A44654.h

Having escaped from their orphanage on a raft, Erin, January and Mouse float down into another world of abandoned warehouses and factories, meeting a strange old man and an even stranger girl with webbed fingers and little memory of her past. 2001. (Ages 9-12).

Almond, David
JUV Large Type A44654.s

Unhappy about his baby sister's illness and the chaos of moving into a dilapidated old house, Michael retreats to the garage and finds a mysterious stranger who is something like a bird and something like an angel. 2000. (Ages 9-12).

Bagnold, Enid
National Velvet
JUV Large Type B146.n

A fourteen-year-old English girl wins a horse in a raffle, trains it, and rides it in the Grand National steeplechase. 1949. (Ages 9-14).

Bawden, Nina
Carrie's War
JUV Large Type B3295.c

Carrie and her younger brother spend World War II as evacuees in a small welsh village where Carrie, upset by a family feud, commits an act that haunts her for thirty years. 1976. (Ages 9-12).

Billingsley, Franny
The Folk Keeper
JUV Large Type B4847.f

Orphan Corinna disguises herself as a boy to pose as a Folk Keeper, one who keeps the Evil Folk at bay, and discovers her heritage as a seal maiden when she is taken to live with a wealthy family in their manor by the sea. 2000. (Ages 10-13).

Billingsley, Franny
Well Wished
JUV Large Type B4847.w

In a time of dire need, eleven-year-old Nuria tries to outwit the magical wishing well in her mysterious mountain village. 2001. (Ages 9-12).

Burgess, Thornton W.
The Adventures of Johnny Chuck
JUV Large Type B888.b16

Spring has arrived and Johnny Chuck goes wandering. 1941. (Ages 7-10).

Burnford, Sheila
The Incredible Journey
JUV Large Type B9315.i

A Siamese cat, an old bull terrier, and a young Labrador retriever travel together 250 miles through the Canadian wilderness to find their family. 1961. (Ages 10+).

Clements, Andrew
The Janitor's Boy
JUV Large Type C59.j

Fifth-grader Jack finds himself the target of ridicule at school when it becomes known that his father is one of the janitors, and turns his anger onto his father. 2000. (Ages 9-12).

Cooper, Susan
The Dark is Rising
JUV Large Type C7874.da

On his eleventh birthday Will Stanton discovers that he is the last of the Old Ones, destined to seek the six magical Signs that will enable the Old Ones to triumph over the evil forces of the Dark. 2002. (Ages 10-14).

Cooper, Susan
JUV Large Type C7874.g

Jane's invitation to witness the making of the Greenwitch begins a series of sinister events in which she and her two brothers help the Old Ones recover the grail stolen by the Dark. 2001. (Ages 9-12).

Cooper, Susan
The Grey King
JUV Large Type

A strange boy and dog remind Will Stanton that he is an immortal, whose quest is to find the golden harp which will rouse others from a long slumber in the Welsh hills so they may prepare for the ultimate battle of Light versus Dark. 2001. (Ages 9-12).

Cooper, Susan
King of Shadows
JUV Large Type C7874.k

While in London as part of an all-boy acting company preparing to perform in a replica of the famous Globe Theatre, Nat Field suddenly finds himself transported back to 1599 and performing in the original theater under the tutelage of Shakespeare himself. 2000. (Ages 9-12).

Cooper, Susan
Over Sea, Under Stone
JUV Large Type C7874.o

Three children on vacation in Cornwall find an ancient manuscript which sends them on a dangerous quest that entraps them in the eternal battle between the forces of the Light and the Dark. 2000. (Ages 9-12).

Cooper, Susan
Silver on the Tree
JUV Large Type C7874.s

In the Welsh hills, Will Stanton, youngest of the Immortal Old Ones, joins forces with Merriman, Bran, and the mortal Drew children in a quest through space and time against the powers of evil known as the Dark. 2002. (Ages 9-12).

Creech, Sharon
Ruby Holler
JUV Large Type C8576.r

Thirteen-year-old fraternal twins Dallas and Florida have grown up in a terrible orphanage but their lives change forever when an eccentric but sweet older couple invites them each on an adventure, beginning in an almost magical place called Ruby Holler. 2003. (Ages 9-13).

Creech, Sharon
The Wanderer
JUV Large Type C8576.wa

Thirteen-year-old Sophie and her cousin Cody record their transatlantic crossing aboard the Wanderer, a forty-five foot sailboat, which along with uncles and another cousin, is en route to visit their grandfather in England. 2002. (Ages 9-12).

Curtis, Christopher Paul
Bud, Not Buddy
JUV Large Type C9415.b

A 10-year-old boy in Depression-era Michigan sets out to find the man he believes to be his father. 1999. (Ages 9-12).

Curtis, Christopher Paul
The Watsons Go to Birmingham––1963
JUV Large Type C9415.w

The ordinary interactions and everyday routines of the Watsons, an African American family living in Flint, Michigan, are drastically changed after they go tot visit Grandma in Alabama in the summer of 1963. 2000. (Ages 9-12).

Cushman, Karen
Matilda Bone
JUV Large Type

Fourteen-year-old Matilda, an apprentice bonesetter and practitioner of medicine in a village in Medieval England, tries to reconcile the various aspects of her life, both spiritual and practical. 2001. (Ages 12+).

Defoe, Daniel
The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
JUV Large Type D36.r


DiCamillo, Kate
Because of Winn-Dixie
JUV Large Type D5474.b

Through the love she gains from her new pet, a girl gains the courage to ask her father about the mother who abandoned them. "In this exquisitely crafted first novel [a Newbery Honor book], each chapter possesses an arc of its own and reads almost like a short story in its completeness," said PW in our Best Books of 2000 citation. 2002. (Ages 8+).

Dowell, Frances O'Roark
Dovey Coe
JUV Large Type D75023.d

When accused of murder in her North Carolina mountain town in 1928, Dovey Coe, a strong-willed twelve-year-old girl, comes to a new understanding of others, including her deaf brother. 2001. (Ages 9-12).

Erdrich, Louise
The Birchbark House
JUV Large Type E648.b

The author's first novel for children centers on young Omakayas and her Ojibwa family who live on an island in Lake Superior in 1847; PW's Best Books citation called it "captivating." 1999. (Ages 9+).

Forbes, Esther
Johnny Tremain
JUV Large Type F738.j

After injuring his hand, a silversmith's apprentice in Boston becomes a messenger for the Sons of Liberty in the days before the American Revolution. 1943. (Ages 9-12).

Fritz, Jean
Homesick: My Own Story
JUV Large Type F919.ho

The author's fictionalized version, though all the events are true, of her childhood in China in the 1920's. 2001. (Ages 8-12).

Gantos, Jack
Joey Pigza Loses Control
JUV Large Type

Joey, who is still taking medication to keep him from getting too wired, goes to spend the summer with the hard-drinking father he has never known and tries to help the baseball team he coaches win the championship. 2001. (Ages 9-12).

Gantos, Jack
Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key
JUV Large Type G157.j

To the constant disappointment of his mother and his teachers, Joey has trouble paying attention or controlling his mood swings when his prescription meds wear off and he starts getting worked up and acting wired. 2000. (Ages 9-12).

Gantos, Jack
Jack on the Tracks: Four Seasons of Fifth Grade
JUV Large Type G157.jt

After moving with his unbearable sister to Miami, Florida, Jack tries to break some of his bad habits but finds himself irresistible drawn to things disgusting, gross, and weird. 2002. (Ages 9-12).

Gauthier, Gail
Club Earth
JUV Large Type G2386.c

Will and his brother Robby have met more than their share of aliens in the past. But their latest dinner guest, an alien named Saliva, makes them and their parents an offer they can't refuse. Their home is to become an intergalactic resort for space travelers: Club Earth. Will and Robby are thrilled. 1999. (Ages 8-12).

Gauthier, Gail
My Life Among the Aliens
JUV Large Type G2386.m

Two brothers begin to wonder if it is their mother's unusual cooking that is attracting the aliens that keep showing up at their house. 2001. (Ages 9-12).

Giff, Patricia Reilly
Lily's Crossing
JUV Large Type

During a summer spent at Rockaway Beach in 1944, Lily's friendship with a young Hungarian refugee causes her to see the war and her own world differently. 2000. (Ages 9-12).

Giff, Patricia Reilly
Nory Ryan's Song
JUV Large Type G3617.n

When a terrible blight attacks Ireland's potato crop in 1845, twelve-year-old Nory Ryan's courage and ingenuity help her family and neighbors survive. 2001. (Ages 9-12).

Gliori, Debi
Pure Dead Magic
JUV Large Type G4993.p

When their father is kidnapped and danger looms, the Strega-Borgia children, their mysterious new nanny and a giant tarantula use magic and actual trips through the Internet to bring peace to their Scottish castle. 2002. (Ages 9-12).

Gliori, Debi
Pure Dead Wicked
JUV Large Type

The Strega-Borgia children accidentally create 500 clones of themselves at the same time that the roof on their Scottish castle falls in, attracting evil contractors who want their home. 2003. (Ages 9-12).

Griffin, Adele
Witch Twins
JUV Large Type G8795.w

Troubled about being separated at school and preoccupied with sabotaging their father's marriage, ten-year-old witches, Claire and Luna, have little time to think of something good, smart and tricky to do that will finally make them one-star witches. 2002. (Ages 7-10).

Haddix, Margaret Peterson
The Girl with 500 Middle Names
JUV Large Type H117.g

Janie's parents move to the suburbs so she can go to a better school, but when she discovers that all the other students are richer than she is, she feels out of place--until she realizes that there are more important things than money. 2001. (Ages 7-10).

Hamilton, Virginia
JUV Large Type H1803.c

Concerned that her grandmother may die, Cammy is unprepared for the accidental death of another relative. 2001. (Ages 10-14).

Hearne, Betsy Gould
Wishes, Kisses, and Pigs
JUV Large Type H346.w

After eleven-year-old Louise makes a wish on the first evening star and her brother turns into a pig, she uses wishes, kisses, and spells to try to put things right again. 2001. (Ages 9-12).

Henry, Marguerite
King of the Wind
JUV Large Type H3866.k

Follows the adventures of the Arabian stallion brought to England to become on of the founding sires of the Thoroughbred breed and the mute Arab stable boy who tended him with loyalty and devotion all his life. 2001. (Ages 9-12).

Holm, Jennifer L.
Our Only May Amelia
JUV Large Type H7223.o

As the only girl in a Finnish American family of seven brothers, May Amelia Jackson resents being expected to act like a lady while growing up in Washington state in 1899. 2000. (Ages 9-12).

Holt, Kimberly Willis
Dancing in Cadillac Light
JUV Large Type H7427.d

In 1968, eleven-year-old Jaynell's life in the town of Moon, Texas, is enlivened when her eccentric Grandpap comes to live with her family. 2002. (Ages 9-12).

Horvath, Polly
Everything on a Waffle
JUV Large Type H784.e

Eleven-year-old Primrose living in a small fishing village in British Columbia recounts her experiences and all that she learns about human nature and the unpredictability of life in the months after her parents are lost at sea. 2002. (Ages 9-12).

Ibbotson, Eva
The Great Ghost Rescue
JUV Large Type I124.g

A young English boy decides to establish a sanctuary for an assortment of ghosts when the homes they have haunted are replaced by highways and other modern "improvements." 2002. (Ages 8-12).

Ibbotson, Eva
The Secret of Platform 13
JUV Large Type I124.s

Odge Gribble, a young hag, joins an old wizard, a gentle fey, and a giant ogre on a journey from their magical island kingdom to London through a tunnel which opens every nine years for nine days, to try and rescue the young prince who had been stolen as an infant nine years before. 2001. (Ages 9-12).

Jackson, Jesse
Call Me Charley
JUV Large Type J13.c

Written in 1945, this was a ground breaking book about a young black boy in an all white school. 1945.

Jacques, Brian
JUV Large Type J164.r

When thepeaceful life of ancient Redwall Abbey is shattered by the arrival of the evil rat Cluny and his villainous hordes, Matthias, a young mouse determines to find the legendary sword of Martin the Warrior which, his is convinced, will help Redwall's inhabitants destroy the enemy. (Ages 9-14).

Jacques, Brian
JUV Large Type J164.t

A young otter, kidnapped in his infancy and raised as a warrior-thief by a band of vermin, leaves the tribe and goes off to seek adventures of his own. 2002. (Ages 9-14).

Jansson, Tove
Finn Family Moomintroll
JUV Large Type J2617.f

1989. (Ages 7-10).

Johnson, Annabel
The Grizzly
JUV Large Type

A young boy and his estranged father find themselves united, for the first time on a camping trip, by facing the sinister threat of a grizzly bear. 1964. (Ages 9-12).

Karr, Kathleen
The Great Turkey Walk
JUV Large Type

In 1860 a somewhat simple-minded fifteen-year-old boy attempts to herd one thousand turkeys from Missouri to Denver, Colorado, in hopes of selling them at a profit. 2001. (Ages 10+).

Kehret, Peg
Terror at the Zoo
JUV Large Type K261.t

Twelve-year-old Ellen and her younger brother Corey are excited about their overnight camp-out at the zoo, until they discover that they are locked inside with a desperate escaped convict. 2002. (Ages 9-12).

Kipling, Rudyard
Captains Courageous: A Story of the Grand Banks
JUV Large Type K62.c

After being washed overboard from an ocean liner, a spoiled millionaire's son is rescued by New England fishermen who put him to work on their boat. 1898. (Ages 10+).

Kipling, Rudyard
The Jungle Books
JUV Large Type K62.j1

Mowgli, lost in the jungles of India as a child is adopted into a family of wolves. 1968. (Ages 9-12).

Kipling, Rudyard
Just So Stories
JUV Large Type K62.ju

A collection of the well-known stories, including "How the Whale Got His Throat," "The Elephant's Child," and "The Butterfly that Stamped." 2013. (Ages 9-12).

Konigsburg, E. L.
The View from Saturday
JUV Large Type K8366.v

Four students, with their own individual stories, develop a special bond and attract the attention of their teacher, a paraplegic, who chooses them to represent their sixth-grade class in the Academic Bowl competition. 2000. (Ages 9-12).

Koss, Amy Goldman
The Ashwater Experiment
JUV Large Type K84752.a

Twelve-year-old Hillary, who has traveled across the country all her life with her parents who sell crafts, finds herself facing a stay of nine whole months in Ashwater, California. 2000. (Ages 10-14).

Langton, Jane
The Time Bike
JUV Large Type L2656.t

Eddy receives a mysterious gift from India, an old-fashioned bike that transports its rider through time. 2002. (Ages 9-12).

Lewis, C. S.
The Horse and His Boy
JUV Large Type L5807.h

A boy and a talking horse share an adventurous and dangerous journey to Narnia to warn of invading barbarians. 2000. (Ages 9-14).

Lewis, C. S.
Prince Caspian: The Return to Narnia
JUV Large Type

Four children help Prince Caspian and his army of Talking Beasts to free Narnia from evil. 2000. (Ages 9-12).

Lewis, C. S.
The Silver Chair
JUV Large Type L5807.s

Two English children undergo hair-raising adventures as they go on a search and rescue mission for the missing Prince Rilian, who is held captive in the underground kingdom of the Emerald Witch. 2001. (Ages 9-12).

Lewis, C. S.
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
JUV Large Type L5807.v

Lucy and Edmund, accompanied by their peevish cousin Eustace, sail to the land of Narnia where Eustace is temporarily transformed into a green dragon because of his selfish behavior and skepticism. 2001. (Ages 9-12).

Collodi, Carlo
JUV Large Type L88.p

The adventures of a talking wooden puppet whose nose grew longer whenever he told a lie. 1959. (Ages 8-12).

McCall Smith, Alexander
The Five Lost Aunts of Harriet Bean
JUV Large Type M1235.f

When her absent-minded inventor father suddenly remembers that he has five sisters, nine-year-old Harriet Bean, who has never heard of them before, determines to find her unknown aunts so that the unfinished family portrait can be completed. 1997. (Ages 7-9).

Mahy, Margaret
Aliens in the Family
JUV Large Type M2754.a

Jake Raven, expecting to dislike her new stepsister and stepbrother, ends up helping them protect an alien from another dimension as he flees from mysterious pursuers with the ability to alter time. 1989. (Ages 9-12).

Martin, Ann M.
Claudia and the New Girl
JUV Large Type M3592.c

Claudia's friendship with a new student who shares her interest in art threatens Claudia's membership in the Baby-sitters Club. 1993. (Ages 9-12).

Martin, Ann M.
Kristy and the Walking Disaster
JUV Large Type

When she sees how much her little brother and young stepbrother and stepsister want to play softball, thirteen-year-old Kristy starts her own team, which makes up in spirit what it lacks in skill. 1993. (Ages 9-12).

Martin, Ann M.
Stacey's Mistake
JUV Large Type M3592.s

Stacey invites her Baby-sitters Club friends to New York City for a long weekend full of activities but, much to her dismay, nothing turns out exactly as planned. (Ages 9-12).

Moeri, Louise
The Devil in Ol’ Rosie
JUV Large Type M722.d

Sent into the wilderness of eastern Oregon in 1907 to round up the family's escaped horses, twelve-year-old Wart struggles against great dangers before gaining his father's respect. 2002. (Ages 9-12).

Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds
Bernie Magruder & the Drive-Thru Funeral Parlor
JUV Large Type

Convinced that the strange things happening at the funeral parlor next door to his family's hotel re somehow connected to a recent robbery, Bernie determines to become famous by proving his theory and catching the thief. 2003. (Ages 9-13).

Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds
The Boys Start the War
JUV Large Type

Disgusted that a family with three girls moves into the house across the river, nine-year-old Wally and his three brothers declare a practical joke war on the girls. 2002. (Ages 9-12).

Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds
Boys Against Girls
JUV Large Type N234.boy

All the girls in Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield's sixth-grade class are about to explode! Mr. Davis, their new teacher, is giving all the good assignments to the boys and treating the girls as if they are less than human. And now, the boys are even beginning to think that they really are better than the girls! 1994. (Ages 9-11).

Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds
The Girls' Revenge
JUV Large Type

As Christmas approaches, Caroline Malloy continues the feud between her sisters and the Hatford brothers by making Wally Hatford be her partner for a special project at school. 2003. (Ages 9-12).

Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds
The Girls Get Even
JUV Large Type

As Halloween approaches, the three Malloy sisters find themselves continually trying to get even with the four Hatford brothers, who have been playing tricks on them since the Malloys moved from Ohio to West Virginia. 2002. (Ages 9-12).

Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds
Saving Shiloh
JUV Large Type

Sixth-grader Marty and his family try to help their rough neighbor, Judd Travers, change his mean ways, even though their West Virginia community continues to expect the worst of him. 2002. (Ages 9-12).

Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds
Shiloh Season
JUV Large Type

When mean and angry Judd, who has never known kindness, takes to drinking and mistreats his dogs, Marty discovers how deep a hurt can go and how long it takes to heal. 2000. (Ages 9-12).

Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds
Starting with Alice
JUV Large Type

After she, her older brother, and their father move from Chicago to Maryland, Alice has trouble fitting into her new third grade class, but with the help of some new friends and her own unique outlook, she survives. 2003. (Ages 9-12).

Neville, Emily Cheney
It's Like This, Cat
JUV Large Type N3868.i

Story of a fourteen-year-old New York boy and his relationships with a stray tomcat, an eccentric old woman, a troubled older boy, the first girl with whom he has been friends, and his father. 1963. (Ages 9-12).

Nordstrom, Ursula
The Secret Language
JUV Large Type N7575.s

The experiences of an eight-year-old girl who goes for the first time to a boarding school where she is miserable until she gets to know a different girl with a secret language. 1960. (Ages 9-12).

O'Dell, Scott
Island of the Blue Dolphins
JUV Large Type O25.i

Records the courage and self-reliance of an Indian girl who lived alone for eighteen years on an isolated island off the California coast when her tribe emigrated and she was left behind. 1974. (Ages 9-12).

Park, Linda Sue
A Single Shard
JUV Large Type P2167.s

Tree-ear, a thirteen-year-old orphan in medieval Korea, lives under a bridge in a potter' village, and longs to learn how to throw the delicate celadon ceramics himself. 2002. (Ages 9-12).

Paulsen, Gary
JUV Large Type

A fourteen-year-old Eskimo boy who feels at odds with aspects of modern life takes a 1400-mile journey by dog sled across ice, tundra, and mountains seeking his own, "song" of himself. 2000. (Ages 9-14).

Reynolds, Marjorie
A Horse Called Mystery
JUV Large Type R 3283.h

A nearsighted boy with a limp finds his outlook very different at the end of a summer in which he has acquired and cared for a lame horse and become good friends with a doctor whose face has been disfigured by burns. 1967. (Ages 9-12).

Robinet, Harriette
Forty Acres and Maybe a Mule
JUV Large Type R5602.f

Born with a withered leg and hand, Pascal, who is about twelve years old, joins other former slaves in a search for a farm and the freedom which it promises. 2000. (Ages 9-12).

Rowling, J. K.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
JUV Large Type R792.ha

During his third year at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry Potter must confront the devious and dangerous wizard responsible for his parents' deaths. (Ages 10+).

Rowling, J. K.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
JUV Large Type R792.hd

Burdened with the dark, dangerous, and seemingly impossible task of locating and destroying Voldemort's remaining Horcruxes, Harry feeling alone and uncertain about his future, struggles to find the inner strength he needs to follow the path set out before him. 2007. (Ages 10+).

Rowling, J. K.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
JUV Large Type R792.hg

Fourteen-year-old Harry joins the Weasleys at the Quidditch World Cup, then enters his fourth year at Hogwarts Academy where he is mysteriously entered in an unusual contest that challenges his wizarding skills. 2002. (Ages 10+).

Rowling, J. K.
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
JUV Large Type R792.hh

Sixth-year Hogwarts student Harry Potter gains valuable insights into the boy Voldemort once was, even as his own world is transformed by maturing friendships, schoolwork assistance from an unexpected source, and devastating losses. 2005. (Ages 10+).

Rowling, J. K.
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
JUV Large Type R792.hp

When the Chamber of Secrets is opened again at the Hogswart School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, second-year student Harry Potter finds himself in danger from a dark power that has once more been released on the school. 2000. (Ages 10+).

Rowling, J. K.
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
JUV Large Type R792.hpo

During his third year at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry Potter must confront the devious and dangerous wizard responsible for his parents' deaths. 2000. (Ages 10+).

Rydberg, Ernie
JUV Large Type R972.f

It takes a traffic ticket and a few ballet lessons to do it, but Skip finally feels improvement in his basketball game, his family relations, and his self-confidence. (Ages 10-14).

Snyder, Zilpha Keatley
Gib Rides Home
JUV Large Type S676.g

Despite the harsh treatment he has endured at the Lovell House Home for Orphaned and Abandoned Boys, eleven-year-old Gib Whittaker manages to maintain his hopeful outlook when he is "farmed out" to help with the horses of a wealthy banker in 1908. 2002. (Ages 9-12).

Snyder, Zilpha Keatley
Gib and the Gray Ghost
JUV Large Type

In 1909, after spending several months back at the Lovell House Home for Orphaned and Abandoned Boys, eleven-year-old Gib returns to live on the Thornton ranch, where his natural way with horses helps to make him feel at home. 2003. (Ages 9-12).

Spinelli, Jerry
JUV Large Type S757.w

As Palmer comes of age, he must either accept the violence of being a wringer at his town's annual Pigeon Day or find the courage to oppose it. 2000. (Ages 9-12).

Spyri, Johanna
JUV Large Type S77.h

The famous children's story about the little mountain girl, her gruff grandfather, and the goatherd Peter in the Swiss Alps. 1959. (Ages 9-12).

O'Hara, Mary
My Friend Flicka
JUV Large Type S9345.m

Classic story about a boy and his horse. 1968. (Ages 9-12).

Van Draanen, Wendelin
Swear to Howdy
JUV Large Type V2884.sw

Two thirteen-year-old boys share neighborhood adventures, complaints about their older sisters, family secrets, and even guilt that binds them together in a special friendship. 2004. (Ages 10-12).

Vornholt, John
The Troll King
JUV Large Type V9163.t

When a power-hungry sorcerer decides to bridge the Great Chasm and conquer the elves and fairies who live on the other side, he inadvertently enables a gentle troll to reach for a much nobler dream. 2003. (Ages 10-14).

Whitney, Phyllis Ayame
Nobody Likes Trina
JUV Large Type W615.n

Through Trina, a mentally challenged girl, Sandy learns that love of nature entails respect for all living things. 1973. (Ages 11+).

Williams, Jay
Danny Dunn and the Swamp Monster
JUV Large Type W6697.dsm

The story of a boy, his friends and the mysterious swamp monster. 1973. (Ages 9-11).

Waugh, Sylvia
Space Race
JUV Large Type W34.s

When he learns that he and his father must soon leave Earth, eleven-year-old Thomas Derwent is upset, but a terrible accident that separates the two of them makes Thomas' situation much worse. 2001. (Ages 9-12).

Wittlinger, Ellen
Gracie's Girl
JUV Large Type W78462.g

As she starts middle school, Bess volunteers to work on the school musical in hopes of fitting in, but when she and a friend get to know an elderly homeless woman, Bess changes her mind about what is really important. 2002. (Ages 9-12).

Yolen, Jane
Wizard's Hall
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A young apprentice wizard saves the wizard's training hall by trusting and believing in himself. 2001. (Ages 9-12).