San Souci, Robert D

Sukey and the Mermaid

JUV 398.2.S1975s

Unhappy with her life at home, Sukey receives kindness and wealth from Mama Jo the mermaid.  1992.


Rose, Francine

The Secret World of mermaids

JUV 398.21.R7202s (Library Use Only)

Discover the mysteries behind the legendary mermaids, learn how to spot the signs of their presence,

examine mermaid artifacts, and read eyewitness accounts from mermaid seekers.  2005.


Walt Disney Company

Disney's The Little Mermaid

JUV 398.4.A544dl

A little sea princess, longing to be human, trades her mermaid's tail for legs, hoping to win the heart

of the prince she loves.  1993.


Andersen, H.C.

The Little Mermaid

JUV 398.4.A544li, 2004

A little sea princess, longing to be human, trades her mermaid's tail for legs, hoping to win the

love of a prince and earn an immortal soul for herself.  2004.


Manning-Sanders, Ruth

A Book of Mermaids

JUV 398.4.M316bm

Sixteen tales of sea maids and mermen from the folklore of many coastal countries, includes

a story from Wales about a mermaid who walked on water and a story from France about a

mermaid without a tail.  1967.


Saxton, Patricia

The Book of Mermaids

JUV 398.45.S2737b

Mermaid legend; mermaids around the world; where mermaids live.  2005.


Fraser, Mary Ann

Mermaid Sister

JUV 398.8.F8634m

Shelly has always wanted a sister, so when she meets Coral, a mermaid, and brings her home,

it seems like her wish has been granted. 2008.


Garnham, Laura

The Tiniest Mermaid

JUV 398.8.G187

Lily befriends an injured young mermaid, taking her home to convalesce in an aquarium.  2006.


Hakala, Marjorie

Mermaid Dance

JUV 398.8.H1274m

On the first night of summer when high tide brings the ocean to the edge of the forest, woodland

animals watch mermaids frolicking under a full moon.  2009.


Harwood, Beth

Mermaid's Bracelet

JUV 398.8.H2663mDNC

When Hannah puts a letter in a bottle asking for a friend, she gets a letter back from a mermaid named Shelly, and

they set off to find Shelly's missing bracelet, finding something that Hannah wants even more in the process. 2006.


Sperring, Mark

Mermaid Dreams

JUV 398.8.S7512m

At bedtime, Meriam tells her mother what it was like to spend a day as a mermaid at the beach.  2006.


Willis, Val

The Mystery in the Bottle

JUV 398.8.W6796m

Bobby finds a mermaid and takes her to the school swim meet, with humorous results. 1991.


Beery, Barbara

Mermaid Cookbook

JUV 641.5.B3927m

Full-color, illustrated directions for thirty simple kids recipes for parties, sleepovers, or playtime.  2008.


Pratt, Leonie

Mermaid Things to make and Do.

JUV 745.5.P8892m


Karr, Kathleen

The Lighthouse Mermaid


Kate, who lives in a lighthouse and often dreams that she is a mermaid, has a chance to rescue two real

mermaids one stormy night.  1998.


Landry, Leo

Sea Surprise

JUV L2383.s

Kate the mermaid and her undersea friends try to help an electric eel recover his "zap". 2005.


Papademetriou, Lisa

Rani in the Mermaid lagoon

JUV P1976.r

Since cutting off her wings to save Never Land, Rani, a water-talent fairy, feels out of place with the

fairies and wonders if she should live with the mermaids instead.  2006.