Pearl Gaskins
I Believe In ...Christian, Jewish, and Muslim young people speak about their faith
JUV 200.835.G2123i YA
Presents candid, compelling interviews with young Christians, Muslims, and Jews about the place of religion in their lives, what it means to belong to a certain faith, and their struggle to maintain their faith. 2004

Henningfeld, Diane Andrews
Women in Islam
JUV 305.48697.W8424w YA
Offers a variety of perspectives-eyewitness accounts, governmental views, scientific analysis, newspaper and magazine accounts, and many more-to illuminate the issue of women in Islam. 2011.


Marilyn Singer
I Believe in Water: Twelve brushes with religion
JUV 813.08.I101i
An anthology of stories for teenagers exploring the topics of religion, belief, and spirituality by award-winning authors. 2000


Judah Harris
Soul Searching: Thirteen stories about faith and belief
JUV 808.3.S722s YA
Presents thirteen stories that explain some of the world's religions with stories about adolescents who face life-changing dilemmas that challenge their beliefs. 2002


Arcos, Carrie
We Are All That’s Left
JUV A675.w YA
Told in two voices, Nadja grows up in war-torn Bosnia in the 1990s and, in the present, refuses to discuss her youth with her daughter, Zara, until both are traumatized by a terrorist attack in Rhode Island. 2018.

Brooks, Bruce
Asylum for Nightface
JUV B795.a
A deeply spiritual seventeen-year-old takes a radical step to save himself from the fanaticism of his born-again Christian parents. 1996


Haddix, Margaret P
Leaving Fishers
JUV H117.l YA
After joining her new friends in the religious group called Fishers of Men, Dorry finds herself immersed in a cult from which she must struggle to extricate herself. 1997


Hautman, Pete
JUV H28588.g YA
When Sixteen-year-old Jason Bock and his friends create their own religion to worship the town's water tower, what started out as a joke begins to take on a power of its own. 2004


Hayes, Rosemary
Mixing It
JUV H32876.m
When a terrorist bomb goes off and a boy is injured, Fatimah holds Steve's injured head in her lap until help arrives, but when the photos are released in the papers that make it seem that they are romantically linked, the two new friends from different backgrounds use their unwanted publicity to break down social barriers and stereotypes for the good of all. 2007


Henyen, Jim
Cosmos Coyote and William the Nice
JUV H517.c YA
When sent to live on a farm in Iowa as an alternative to juvenile detention, seventeen-year-old Cosmos falls in love with a religious girl and reconsiders his values and beliefs. 2000

Lasky, Kathryn
Memoirs of a Bookbat
JUV L335.m YA
Fourteen-year-old Harper, an avid reader of fantasy who must hide her books from her fundamentalist parents, comes to realize that their public promotion of censorship threatens her freedom to make her own choices. 1994

McDaniel, Lurlene
Journey of Hope: Two novels
JUV M138.j YA
Heather Barlow has always been idealistic, and now that she has finished high school she's ready to make a difference in the world by joining a mission group on a hospital mercy ship sailing to Africa, in a single volume which contains the author's two tales, Angle of Mercy and Angel of Hope. 2004

Nye, Naomi Shihab
JUV N9847.h YA
When fourteen-year-old Liyanne Abboud, her younger brother, and her parents move from St. Louis to a new home between Jerusalem and the Palestinian village where her father was born, they face many changes and must deal with the tensions between Jews and Palestinians. 1997

Temple, Todd
The Experiment
JUV T248.e YA
For extra credit in World Religions class two teenagers agree to participate in an experiment in which they attempt to live for two weeks exactly as Jesus would. 1998

Turnbull, Ann
No Shame, No Fear
JUV T8393.n YA
In England in 1662, a time of religious persecution, fifteen-year-old Susanna, a poor country girl and a Quaker, and seventeen-year-old William, a wealthy Anglican, meet and fall in love against all odds. 2004