Reluctant Readers


 Atwood, Megan
The Bridge of Death (The Paranormalist bk. 4)
JUV A893.b YA
Jinx is the top paranormal investigator at her high school, and she has a blog to prove it. Jackson is a jock by day and Jinx's ghost-hunting partner by night --former partner, anyway. After a shakeup in the Paranormalists' operation, the two ex-best friends are on the outs, and at the worst possible time. Because a deadly supernatural threat is putting their classmates in harm's way.  2012

Atwood, Megan
The Haunting of Apartment 101 (The Paranormalist bk. 1)
JUV A893.h YA
When popular, pretty classmate asks best friends Jinx and Jackson, high school sophomores, to investigate a haunting at her father's apartment, Jackson is sympathetic and convinces Jinx to trust him, despite her skepticism about Emily's true intentions.  2012.


Atwood, Megan
The Mayhem on Mohawk Avenue (The Paranormalist bk. 3)
JUV A893.m YA
High schoolers Jinx and Jackson investigate a new student's claim that ghosts are following him.  2012.


Black, Deirdre
River Run (an After The Dust Settled novel)
JUV B5594.r YA
On the banks of the frozen Mississippi River, in a post-apocalyptic America, Freya and Finn head south in search of a place called Norlins, but first they must dodge the slavers and avoid starving to death.2012.


Carr, Elias
Fight the Wind (an After The Dust Settled Novel)
JUV C221.3.f YA
Seventeen-year-olds Fix, a natural mechanic, and Cleo, a gifted tactician, must find a way to cooperate in a near-future Iowa or they and the group they lead may die at the hands of armed bands rumored to be making their way down from the north.  2012.


Denman, K.L.
Agent Angus
JUV D419.a YA
Angus and his best buddy, Shahid, share a love of science and their robot, Gordon. But recently, the artistic Ella Eckles has had a peculiar effect on Angus. When a stink bomb at the school provides a chance for him to talk to her, he claims to share her interest in reading facial expressions and declares his ambition to become a crime-solving mentalist. He impresses Ella by identifying the stink bomber, but fails to mention he witnessed a scrawny kid setting off the bomb. When Ella's treasured sketchbook is stolen, she asks Angus to find the thief. Shahid thinks Angus should confess that he's not a mentalist, but Angus is certain he can learn to read people and recover Ella's sketchbook. He asks Shahid to help him investigate the suspects: Gaga Girl; the art teacher, Mr. Wilder; and finally, "scrawny kid." Equipped with rearview sunglasses and an informant who lurks in the washroom, the duo bungles their way through a series of encounters that alarm Shahid and provide Angus with some unfamiliar exercise.  2012.


Goodman, Gabriel
Plague Riders (an After The Dust Settled novel)
JUV G58452.p YA
Fourteen-year-old Shep Greenfield is a plague rider. He rides his horse between the makeshift colonies along the Wisconsin River, delivering homemade medicine to people infected with nightpox, a deadly, highly communicable disease. While trading meds for much needed grains, Shep finds evidence that suggests his parents--who disappeared in an attack a year ago--may be alive in a distant settlement called Dusty Hollow, where the nightpox is most prevalent. When he learns that the disease-ridden settlement is about to be burned down, Shep plots to find his parents.  2012.


Greer, Daphne
Maxed Out
JUV G8573.m YA
Twelve-year-old Max struggles to manage a grieving mother, a special-needs brother and a desire to play hockey.  2012.


Jones, Kari
Out of Season
JUV J7184.o YA
Fourteen-year-old Maya sneaks out in her kayak before breakfast every day to check on a family of sea otters living in nearby Riley Bay. It's hard being an animal lover in a fishing family. The animals Maya loves threaten her family's livelihood, and Maya doesn't know if she can trust her family not to hurt them. She is determined to protect the sea otters, even if it means checking on them for the rest of her life. One morning, Maya discovers she's being watched. Who is it and what are they doing? Soon Maya has to trust someone as she gets caught in a dangerous race to save the sea otters, and her family's livelihood, from poachers.  2012.


Krossing, Karen
Cut the Lights
JUV K95096.c YA
Briar has a vision for the one-act play she's been chosen to direct at her performing arts high school. She's going to create a masterpiece. If only everyone involved in the production shared her vision. Her leading lady is gifted but troubled, her leading man has a crush on the leading lady, her stage manager doesn't have a clue, and her best friend, who wrote the play, is worried that Briar's production is cursed. As Briar struggles to motivate her cast and crew, she learns some important truths about the fine art of directingand about herself.  2013.


McClintock, Norah
Last Chance (a Robyn Hunter Mystery)
JUV M1313.l YA
Robyn's scared of dogs -- like, really scared. But she agrees to spend her summer working at an animal shelter anyway. (It's a long story.) Robyn soon discovers that many juvenile offenders also volunteer at the shelter -- including Nick Di'Angelo, a boy from Robyn's past. A boy she hoped never to see again. Nick has a talent for getting into trouble, but after his latest arrest, Robyn suspects that he just might be innocent. And she sets out to prove it.  2012.


McClintock, Norah
Nowhere To Turn (a Robyn Hunter Mystery)
JUV M1313.n YA
Robyn has sworn that she's over her ex, Nick. After all, he ditched town without a word to her. But when she hears he needs help, she's too curious about why he went missing to say no. Nick has been arrested-- again-- and the evidence doesn't lean in his favor. But when Robyn investigates, she discovers the situation is more complicated than it appears-- and more dangerous.  2012.


McClintock, Norah
Nothing To Lose (a Robyn Hunter Mystery)
After weeks apart Robyn is excited to hang out with Nick, but while on a trip to Chinatown she notices Nick acting suspiciously.  2012.


McClintock, Norah
Out of the Cold (A Robyn Hunter Mystery
JUV M1313.o YA
After a homeless man dies during a cold winter night, Robyn and her friends work to uncover who the man was before his time on the streets. They have only two clues to guide them: a class ring and an old photograph that the man left behind. Robyn just wants to honor the homeless man's memory. But as the search heats up, she begins to supsect that someone's investigating her too.  2012.


McClintock, Norah
Shadow of Doubt (a Robyn Hunter Mystery)
JUV M1313.s YA
When Robyn's new substitute teacher receives a threatening package, she sets out to find out who is responsible.  2012.


McClintock, Norah
You Can Run (a Robyn Hunter Mystery)
JUV M1313.y YA
Robyn learns difficult truths about Trisha Hanover's life and finds herself in danger while investigating the disappearance of the teen who ran away from home.  2012.


Mary-Todd, Jonathan
Pig City (an After The Dust Settled novel)
JUV M3695.p YA
When snow drives Malik, Beckley, Emma, and Wendell into Des Moines, Iowa, they are taken in by a Coalition that is caught between an anti-electricity, cult-like group and brutes who raise pigs to trade, feeding them on children.  2012.


Mary-Todd, Jonathan
Shot down (an After The Dust Settled novel)
JUV M3695.s YA
When a bullet knocks Malik and the Captain's hot-air balloon out of the sky, landing them in the Kentucky wilderness, they are chased by man-hunters who believe hunting the weak is their post-apocalyptic duty.  2102.


Mary-Todd, Jonathan
Snakebite (an After The Dust Settled novel)
On the plains of a near-future United States, Malik, Beckley, and a few other survivors of a catastrophe that killed most adults struggle to survive, and face off against a band led by a man who ensures their obedience by scarring them with non-lethal snakebites.  2102.


Robinson, Gary
Little Brother of War
JUV R56132.l YA
Sixteen-year-old Mississippi Choctaw Randy Cheska lives under the shadow of his brother who was a football hero, later killed in Iraq, until proves himself to his parents and others through the ancient game of stickball.  2013.


Tingle, Tim
Danny Blackgoat, Navajo Prisoner
JUV T4968.d YA
Danny Blackgoat, a sixteen-year-old Navajo, is labeled a troublemaker during the Long Walk of 1864 and sent to a prisoner outpost in Texas, where fellow captive Jim Davis saves him from a bully and starts him on the road to literacy--and freedom.  2013


Van Tol, Alex
JUV V372.o YA
Owen has a crush on Kamryn. Kamryn has a crush on Owen's brother Kyle. Owen knows extreme action is necessary to make sure Kamryn does not end up dating his brother, a jerk who manipulates every situation to get what he wants. So what does Owen do?  2012