The Renovations Are Complete!

Thank You!

Your support has re-vitalized and modernized the Bangor Public Library. We are now ready to serve the Greater Bangor community in a variety of different ways.

New Spaces


Business Center

In the last fifteen years work has undergone a major transition.  There has been a rise in the self-employed and telecommuters.  Freelancers, independent contractors, and entrepreneurs who work from home have become commonplace. 

For many folks working from home it is not all it is cracked up to be—too many temptations and distractions as well as often feeling isolated. 

A workplace solution has been growing exponentially all over the country.  It is called co-working.  Co-working is a modern phenomenon where people can share a space to work, or have a platform to share opinions.  It also makes sense economically, to share a workspace and resources, avoid a long-term lease, and let someone else provide the infrastructure and needed services.

As part of the 2016 renovation of the library the Allen Business Center was created to foster community and support entrepreneurs, nonprofits, businesses, freelancers, and other enterprising individuals in Bangor. The Business Center comes with:

  • Individual computer stations
  • High quality printer and copy machine
  • Hourly and daily conference rooms available for rental

Atrium, Lecture Hall, and Other New Spaces

We offer many new beautiful spaces including the atrium, lecture hall, and Youth Services Department. We welcome everyone to walk in and explore everything the library has to offer.