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Biel, Lindsey
Raising a Sensory Smart Child
JUV 649.152.B476r EFL

For children with sensory difficulties-those who struggle to process everyday sensations and exhibit unusual behaviors such as avoiding or seeking out touch, movement, sounds, and sights-this groundbreaking book is an invaluable resource. 2009.

Delaney, Tara
The Sensory Processing Disorder Answer Book

A detailed study of sensory processing disorder looks at the effects sensory processing has on social skills and the use of sensory integration therapy through approachable text and recommendations for developing a plan to deal with children affected by this disorder. 2008.

Delaney, Tara
101 Games and Activities for Children with Autism, Asperger's, and Sensory Processing Disorder

The how of engagement -- Sensory development -- Gross motor skills -- Fine motor skills -- Communication -- Social sense -- School ready -- Home activities -- Outdoor activities -- Adopting brand named games -- Glossary of common terms. 2010.

Garland, Teresa
Hands-On-Activities for Children with Autism and Sensory Disorders
JUV 618.9285882.G1837h EFL

This highly detailed, illustrated and accessible guide is a rich resource for any therapist, teacher or parent.
-Crafts, recipes, music and exercises for the clinic, classroom or home
-A multi-sensory enrichment program for children with autism
-Gradual exposure activities for children who can't tolerate sensory input
-Sensory immersion activities to desensitize the child to touch, taste and sound
-Reduce stress and anxiety with physical exercises and reframing strategies. 2016.

Grandin, Temple
Thinking in Pictures: And Other Reports From My Life with Autism
JUV 616.85882.G764t EFL

Temple Grandin, Ph.D., is a gifted animal scientist who has designed one third of all the livestock-handling facilities in the United States. She also lectures widely on autism—because Temple Grandin is autistic, a woman who thinks, feels, and experiences the world in ways that are incomprehensible to the rest of us. 2006.

Notbohm, Ellen
Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew

This updated edition delves into expanded thought and deeper discussion of communication issues, social processing skills, and the critical roles adult perspectives play in guiding the child with autism to a meaningful, self-sufficient, productive life. 2012.

Rogers, Sally
An Early Start for Your Child with Autism: Using Everyday Activities to Help Kids Connect, Communicate, and Learn
JUV 618.92.R6331e EFL

This encouraging guide from the developers of a groundbreaking early intervention program provides doable, practical strategies you can use every day. Nearly all young kids—including those with ASD. 2012.

Sher, Barbara
Early Intervention Games
JUV 649.154.S551e EFL

The games are designed to help children feel comfortable in social situations and teach other basic lessons including beginning and end, spatial relationships, hand-eye coordination, and more. 2009.

Sicile-Kira, Chantal
Autism Spectrum Disorder: The Complete Guide to Understanding Autism
JUV 616.85882.S5664a EFL

Comprehensive and authoritative, Autism Spectrum Disorders explains all aspects of the condition, and is written for parents, educators, caregivers, and others looking for accurate information and expert insight. Newly updated to reflect the latest research, treatment methods, and DSM-V criteria. 2014.

Kranowitz, Carol Stock
The Out of Sync Child: Recognizing and Coping with Sensory Processing Disorder

This guide, written by an expert in the field, explains how SI Dysfunction can be confused with ADD, learning disabilities, and other problems, tells how parents can recognize the problem-and offers a drug-free treatment approach for children who need help. 2005.

Kranowitz, Carol Stock
The Out of Sync Child Has Fun: Activities for Kids with Sensory Processing Disorder
JUV 618.92.K8633o

An updated companion volume to The Out-of-Sync Child presents a wide range of games, activities, and exercises designed to help parents of children with Sensory Integration Dysfunction strengthen their child's abilities. 2006.