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·         In order to enter, contestants must submit an entry             email to by Saturday, April 4,             2015, which must include a link to the band/performer’s              music online, as well as:

-        The name of the band/performer, and names, ages,               and schools of all members (Any personal information,             including names and contact info, will NOT be posted                 online)

-        A brief description of the band and style of music, to             be used on the contest webpage

-        A contact name, phone number, and email where the                contestants can be reached.

**All links provided must contain at least one song performed by the band that the public can access and hear online, preferably a YouTube video with sound.

·         By entering online, you are agreeing to have your link                  posted on the official BPL Battle of the Bands voting                  contest page, where voters will go online from April 6               -18, 2015 to listen to the contestants and choose                      their favorites. The top five finalists will be contacted           and announced on April 20, 2015.

·         The finalists will be determined by a combination of the              number of online votes and the quality of the music                    performance submitted. If a submission does not meet a            minimum standard of performance quality it will be                    removed from the competition.

·         The top six finalists  must be available to play the live               concert  on Friday, August 3, 2018 @  5:00 pm at the              Bangor Public Library (145 Harlow Street, Bangor Me                  04401), where they will have up to 15 minutes to                        perform their set.

·         The top 6 finalists chosen for the competition must                    complete a contestant packet and sign a release form for            pictures prior to competing at the final event.

·         Judges have the final decision in selecting winners at the            live final concert. The judging panel will consist of                      several figures from the local music scene.