Scary Stories

Schwartz, Alvin
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 
JUV 398.2.S399s
Tapped from the oral traditions of American folklore, these ghost stories and tales

of weird happenings, witches, and graveyards have startling, funny, or surprising

endings. 1981.


San Souci, Robert D.
More Short & Shivery: Thirty Spine-Tingling Tales 
JUV 398.25.S197m
A collection of scary folktales from the United States, China, England, Italy, Russia

and other countries around the world.  1994.


Hamilton, Martha

Scared Witless

JUV 398.2.S2853s

Unwelcome company -- The coffin that wouldn't stop -- Lost in the dark -- The boy who was afraid of plants --

The graveyard voice -- The hairy toe -- The terrifying trick -- The ghost with bloody fingers -- The red satin ribbon --

The strange white thing in the road -- The brave woman and the flying head -- The mysterious rapping noise --

The girl who scared herself.  2006.


Stine, R.L.
Beware! R.L. Stine Picks His Favorite Scary Stories 
JUV 808.3.B4684b
This anthology offers middle readers a collection of scary tales from a diverse

collection of well-known authors, including "The Black Ferris" from Ray Bradbury

and "The Witches" by Roald Dahl. 2002.

Westall, Robert
Ghost Stories 
JUV 813.08.G346g
An illustrated collection of scary stories. 1993.

Greenberg, Martin Harry
A Newbery Halloween 
JUV ME COLL 813.08.N4247n
A collection of thirteen scary stories by Newbery Medalists Beverly Cleary,

Madeleine L'Engle, Paul Fleishman, Eleanor Estes, and E. L. Konigsbury, among

others, provides thrills and chills, ghosts and witches, to make any Halloween

perfectly spooky. 1993.


Fremont, Eleanor
Tales From the Crypt 
JUV 813.08.T143t
A collection of horror stories, featuring such grisly characters as a vampire,

werewolf, and murderous madman 1992.


Delaney, Joseph
Revenge of the Witch ( The Last Apprentice - Book 1) 
JUV D3695.r
Despite knowing the doomed outcome of the apprentices before him, twelve-year-old 

Thomas Ward is determined to learn everything he will need to know to stay alive when 

his time comes to ward off boggarts, witches, ghosts, and other evil-spirited creatures

from the land that he was born to protect. 2005.


Carusone, Al
Don't Open the Door After the Sun Goes Down 
JUV C2516.d
Blending humor, mystery, and the macabre, an anthology of nine contemporary horror

tales includes "Whispered Around Lonesome Campfires," "Dog Days," "Stick People," "

Dinosaur Cookies," and other chilling stories. 1994.


Gibbons, Faye
Hook Moon Night: Spooky Tales From the Georgia Mountains 
JUV G3523.h
Seven scary stories of the supernatural culled from the author's childhood include the story

of a young girl imprisoned in a painting, and the cautionary tale of a boy who robs an ancient

Indian burial site and gets his comeuppance. 1997.

Gorog, Judith
In a Creepy, Creepy Place and Other Scary Stories 
JUV G685.i
A collection of scary stories with unpredictable events and bizarre characters. 1996.

Gorog, Judith
When Nobody's Home:  Fifteen Baby-Sitting Tales of Terror. 
JUV G685.w
A collection of short chilling tales follows the experiences of fifteen baby sitters who find

more than their share of challenges when they accept seemingly routine sitter jobs. 1996.


Grabenstein, Chris

The Crossroads

JUV G7493.c

When eleven-year-old Zack Jennings moves to Connecticut with his father and new stepmother,

they must deal with the ghosts left behind by a terrible accident, as well as another kind of

ghost from Zack's past.  2008.


Greenburg, Dan

Secrets of Dripping Fang: The Onts

JUV G8288.o

Ten-year-old orphan twins Wally and Cheyenne get out of the Jolly Days orphanage, only to

have more problems dealing with the Mandible sisters, evil giant ants, and their zombie father. 2005.


Griffiths, Barbara
Frankenstein's Hamster: Ten Spine-Tingling Tales 
JUV G883.f
After reading these ten chilling tales, young readers will think twice before they tease the class

wimp, defy their older brother, use the VCR, or even visit Disney World. 1991.


Hahn, Mary Downing

Deep and Dark and Dangerous

JUV H1224.dd

When thirteen-year-old Ali spends the summer with her aunt and cousin at the family's vacation

home, she stumbles upon a secret that her mother and aunt have been hiding for over thirty years. 2007.


Hahn, Mary Downing
The Old Willis Place: A Ghost Story 
JUV H1224.o
Diana and her brother Georgie have been living a cursed existence in the woods behind the old Willis

place, but when a new caretaker comes to live in the decrepit mansion, Diana will dare to reveal

herself in an effort to make a new friend and free herself and Georgie from their predicament. 2004.


Higgins, F.E.

The Lunatic's Curse

JUV H532.l

Deep within the heart of the Moiraean Mountains lies the town of Opum Oppidulum - home to the freezing Lake
Beluarum and it's rumoured monster. An inescapable asylum stands in the centre of the lake, enclosed by
the sheer cliffs of Drop Rock island.  2010.


Ibbotson, Eva
The Haunting of Granite Falls 
When twelve-year-old Alex MacBuff's Scottish castle of Carra is sold, dismantled, and moved to

Texas at the request of Helen Hopgood, the daughter of American millionaire Hiram C. Hopgood,

the ghosts that raised Alex from a child have difficulty relocating. 2004.


Kehret, Peg

The Ghost's Grave

JUV K261.g

Apprehensive about spending the summer in Washington State with his Aunt Ethel when his

parents get an overseas job, twelve-year-old Josh soon finds adventure when he meets the

ghost of a coal miner. 2005.


Nixon, Joan Lowery

Ghost Town: Seven Ghostly Stories


Based on true stories, this compilation offers readers seven chilling tales about western ghost

towns--such as       Tombstone, Arizona; Maiden, Montana; Grafton, Utah; and Bodie, California--

and the spirits that haunt them to this present day. 2000.


Peyton, K. M.
Nicky moves to an old castle in Scotland with her mother, a horse trainer, and becomes involved

with ghosts from some five hundred years in the past. 2004.


Priestley, Chris

Tales of Terror From the Black Ship

JUV P9333.t

One stormy night, in their family's otherwise deserted Cornwall inn, twelve-year-old Ethan and

his sister Cathy shelter a mysterious guest who indulges their love of the macabre by telling

horror stories of the sea. 2008.


Reiss, Kathryn
Sweet Miss Honeywell's Revenge 
JUV R2763.s
Realizing something isn’t quite right with the dollhouse gift she received for her twelfth birthday,

Zibby Thorne goes in search of its owner and confirms that her dollhouse is haunted after 

hearing the details about an evil governess who died years ago--yet still seeks her revenge. 2004.


San Souci, Robert D.

Dare to be Scared 4

JUV S229.da

Heading home -- Lich gate -- Principal's office -- Woody -- Snow day -- Fairy godmother -- Violet --

A really scary story -- Witch -- Red rain -- Cabin 13 -- Smoke hands -- Moonrise. 2009.


Stine, R. L.
The Barking Ghost 
Cooper, a nervous newcomer to the town, and his friend Margaret are targeted by two evil dogs

who cast a spell to switch bodies with the children as a way of wreaking further havoc. 1995.


Stine, R.L.
Escape From the Carnival of Horrors 
JUV S858.e
Visiting the fairgrounds site where an annual carnival is being set up, you and your friends

are invited into a creepy main tent by the mysterious carnival manager, Big Al, and challenged

to test out some of the bizarre rides. 1995.


Vande Velde, Vivian
There's a Dead Person Following My Sister Around 
JUV V275.t
Eleven-year-old Ted becomes concerned and intrigued when his five-year-old sister Vicki begins

receiving visits from two female ghosts, former slaves from the era before the Civil War. 2008.