Picture Books ~ Science Fiction

Breathed, Berke
Edwurd Fudwupper Fibbed Big
JUV 398.8.B74e

Edwurd's little sister comes to the rescue when Edwurd's humongous fib land him in trouble with a three-eyed alien from another galaxy. 2000.

Brett, Jan
Hedgie Blasts Off!
JUV 398.8.B756hb

When the spectacular, sparkling explosions at a popular tourist sight slow down, Hedgie the hedgehog is the only one capable of flying to tiny planet Mikkop to see what is wrong. 2006.

Corey, Shana
First Graders from Mars Episode 1: Horus's Horrible Day
JUV 398.8.C8128f

As the school year begins on Mars, Horus the Martian gets off to a rocky start, but soon discovers that first grade is not really as bad as he thought. 2001.

Faller, Régis
The Adventures of Polo
JUV 398.8.F1915a

Polo the dog sets out from his home and enjoys many adventures, including sailing his boat on top of a whale, roasting hot dogs over a volcano, and taking a ride in a spaceship built from a mushroom. 2006.

Fleischman, Paul
Time Train
JUV 398.8.F6283t

A class takes a field trip back through time to observe living dinosaurs in their natural habitat. 1991.

Freedman, Claire
Aliens Love Underpants
JUV 398.8.F8753a

There is no underwear in space so aliens visit Earth and play in the clothes drying on the line. 2007.

Hebson, Denny
Robots Everywhere
JUV 398.8.H3547r

Various kinds of robots go about their daily activities, such as riding buses, rusting at the beach, and eating metal nuts. 2004.

Kirk, Daniel
JUV 398.8.K6342m

Willy flies to the moon to get a moondog for a pet, but he finds true happiness with a scruffy but loyal Earth dog named Scrappy. 1999.

Layton, Neal
Smile if You're Human
JUV 398.8.L4553s

An alien child's quest to take a photograph of a "mysterious creature known as a human" has an unexpected result when a search through an Earth zoo brings an encounter with a gorilla. 1998.

McPhail, David M.
Tinker and Tom and the Star Baby
JUV 398.8.M241t

A boy and a bear find a Star Baby in their back yard and try to fix its spaceship so that it can return to its mother. 1998.

Peet, Bill
The Wump World
JUV 398.8.P347wu

The Wump World is an unspoiled place until huge monsters bring hordes of tiny creatures from the planet Pollutus. 1970.

Porto, Tony
Blue Aliens! An Adventure in Color
JUV 398.8.P8384b

After staying up late to watch a scary movie, a boy awakens to find that blue things are missing, from his favorite jeans to his blue-lined notebook paper, and he is certain that aliens are the reason. 2003.

Puttock, Simon
Earth to Stella!
JUV 398.8.P9876e

Before Stella's father comes in to tell her a bedtime story, Stella takes a little trip in a spaceship. 2006.

Sadler, Marilyn
Alistair in Outer Space
JUV 398.8.S126a

When Alistair is kidnapped by a spaceship full of Goots from Gootula, his main concern is for his overdue library books. 1984.

San Souci, Daniel
Space Station Mars
JUV 398.8.S1972s

The Dangerous Snake and Reptile club, with the help of a boy visiting the neighborhood, sets up equipment in the clubhouse in hopes of tracking flying saucers and making contact with aliens. 2005.

Scieszka, Jon
JUV 398.8.S416b

A transmission received from outer space in a combination of different Earth languages tells of an alien schoolboy's fantastic excuse for being late to school again. 2001.

Teague, Mark
Moog-Moog Space Barber
JUV 398.8.T221m

Elmo gets a terrible haircut and makes a trip to outer space to get it fixed by Moog-Moog, the great barber of the universe. 1990.

Van Allsburg, Chris
Zathura: A Space Adventure
JUV 398.8.V263za

Left on their own for an evening, two boisterous brothers find more excitement than they bargained for in a mysterious and mystical space adventure board game. 2002.

Wiesner, David
June 29, 1999
JUV 398.8.W6371j

While her third-grade classmates are sprouting seeds in paper cups, Becky has a more ambitious, innovative science project in mind. 1992.

Willis, Jeanne
Earth Hounds as Explained by Professor Xargle
JUV 398.8.W6793ea

Alien Professor Xargle teaches his class of extraterrestrials about the quirky behavior of a favorite earth animal. 1990.

Yorinks, Arthur
Company's Coming
JUV 398.8.Y82c

Chaos erupts when Moe and Shirley invite some visitors form outer space to stay for dinner with the relatives. 1988.

Yorinks, Arthur
Tomatoes from Mars
JUV 398.8.Y82t

When these vicious Martian fruits invade Earth and threaten to cover it in sauce, the whole world looks to one man, one genius, Dr. Schtickle, to save it from becoming the second red planet. 1999.