Alicia Thomas
JUV 158.1.T361s YA
Discusses the importance of self-esteem how to attain it, and how to improve your life by strengthening your self-esteem. 1991


Janet Bode
Beating the Odds: Stories of unexpected achievers
JUV 305.23.B631b YA
Profiles a series of young people who overcame seemingly impossible odds. 1991


Sandra Belton
JUV B419.m
In 1948, while spending the summer with her aunt in West Virginia to find her family roots, Tilara begins visiting the colored old folks home called McKendree, makes new friends, and learns to love herself. 2000


Sarah Dessen
Keeping the Moon
JUV D472.b YA
Fifteen-year-old Colie, a former fat girl, spends the summer working as a waitress in a beachside restaurant, staying with her overweight and eccentric Aunt Mira, and trying to explore her sense of self. 1999

Cathy Hopkins
Mates, Dates and Designer Divas
JUV H7688.m YA
When Nesta falls in love with Simon, a gorgeous rich boy who lives the high life, she has a hard time fitting in with his friends, especially Cressida, a.k.a. the Ice Queen, and it is up to Lucy and Izzie to help her re-evaluate what is truly important in life. 2003

Peg Kehret
Escaping the Giant Wave
When an earthquake creates a tsunami while thirteen-year-old Kyle is babysitting his sister during a family vacation at a Pacific Coast resort, he tries to save himself, his sister, and a boy who has bullied him for years. 2004

Marcella Pixley
JUV P6878.fYA
Twelve-year-old Miriam, poetic, smart, and quirky, is considered a freak by the popular girls at her middle school, and she eventually explodes in response to their bullying, revealing an inner strength she did not know she had. 2007.

Vivian, Siobhan
The List
JUV V8376.l YA
Every year at Mount Washington High School somebody posts a list of the prettiest and ugliest girls from each grade--this is the story of eight girls, freshman to senior, and how they are affected by the list.  2013.

Barbara Wersba
Just Be Gorgeous
JUV W49557.j YA
Feeling unattractive, untalented, and misunderstood by her parents, a New York City teenager realizes that she is someone special through her friendship with a homeless street performer. 1988

Markus Zusak
I Am the Messenger
JUV Z865.i
After capturing a bank robber, nineteen-year-old cab driver Ed Kennedy begins receiving mysterious messages that direct him to addresses where people need help, and he begins getting over his lifelong feeling of worthlessness. 2005