Cain, Susan
Quiet Power: the Secret Strengths of Introverts
JUV 155.4.C1233q YA
"A discussion of the power of introverts for kids and teens with a focus on school, family life, and friendship"-- Provided by publisher. 2016.

Thomas, Alicia
JUV 158.1.T361s YA
Discusses the importance of self-esteem how to attain it, and how to improve your life by strengthening your self-esteem. 1991


Bode, Janet
Beating the Odds: Stories of unexpected achievers
JUV 305.23.B631b YA
Profiles a series of young people who overcame seemingly impossible odds. 1991



Acevedo, Elixabeth
The Poet X
JUV A1742.p YA
Xiomara Batista feels unheard and unable to hide in her Harlem neighborhood. Ever since her body grew into curves, Xiomara Batista has learned to let her fists and her fierceness do the talking. She pours all her frustration and passion onto the pages of a leather notebook, reciting the words to herself like prayers-- especially after she catches feelings for a boy in her bio class named Aman, who her family can never know about. Mami is determined to force her daughter to obey the laws of the church, and Xiomara understands that her thoughts are best kept to herself. When she is invited to join her school's slam poetry club, she can't stop thinking about performing her poems. 2018.

Belton, Sandra
JUV B419.m
In 1948, while spending the summer with her aunt in West Virginia to find her family roots, Tilara begins visiting the colored old folks home called McKendree, makes new friends, and learns to love herself. 2000

Constantine, Robin
The Season of You and Me
JUV C7642.s YA
Cassie deals with a breakup by deciding to spend the summer with her father and his family at their Jersey Shore bed-and-breakfast. Bryan, now in a wheelchair after being paralyzed last summer, is back at his camp job. Neither of them is expecting to fall in love. 2016.

Crowley, Cath
A Little Wanting Song
JUV C88237.l YA
One Australian summer, two very different sixteen-year-old girls--Charlie, a talented but shy musician, and Rose, a confident student longing to escape her tiny town--are drawn into an unexpected friendship, as told in their alternating voices. 2010.


Dessen, Sarah
Keeping the Moon
JUV D472.b YA
Fifteen-year-old Colie, a former fat girl, spends the summer working as a waitress in a beachside restaurant, staying with her overweight and eccentric Aunt Mira, and trying to explore her sense of self. 1999

Goodman, Shawn
Kindness for Weakness
JUV G58457.k YA
A fifteen-year-old boy from an abusive home desperately seeking his older brother's love and approval starts pushing drugs for him and suffers the consequences. 2013.

Hale, Shannon
Forest Born
JUV H1336.f YA
When her beloved forest no longer gives her comfort and her brother Razo invites Rinna to the city to be one of Queen Ani's waiting women, she happily accepts, only to discover her own strength comes from places both expected and unexpected. 2009.

Hopkins, Cathy
Mates, Dates and Designer Divas
JUV H7688.m YA
When Nesta falls in love with Simon, a gorgeous rich boy who lives the high life, she has a hard time fitting in with his friends, especially Cressida, a.k.a. the Ice Queen, and it is up to Lucy and Izzie to help her re-evaluate what is truly important in life. 2003

Kehret, Peg
Escaping the Giant Wave
When an earthquake creates a tsunami while thirteen-year-old Kyle is babysitting his sister during a family vacation at a Pacific Coast resort, he tries to save himself, his sister, and a boy who has bullied him for years. 2004

Murphy, Julie
JUV M95334.p YA
When circumstances put Millie Michalchuk and Callie Reyes together over the course of a semester, the girls realize they have more in common than they ever imagined. 2018.

Peters, Kimberly Joy
Maybe Never, Maybe Now
JUV P42935.m YA
Sixteen-year old Caitlyn wants to forget the abusive relationship with her ex-boyfriend, but she is still dealing with the psychological damage. When she and best-friend Conner become exchange students to Quebec, she thinks this may help her start afresh. But she is still plagued by her fears and insecurities. 2010.

Pixley, Marcella
JUV P6878.fYA
Twelve-year-old Miriam, poetic, smart, and quirky, is considered a freak by the popular girls at her middle school, and she eventually explodes in response to their bullying, revealing an inner strength she did not know she had. 2007.

Vail, Rachel
JUV V193.g YA
Ninth-grader Allison has always been the least attractive among her sisters, but when she allows the devil to possess her cell phone in exchange for appearing to be gorgeous, she must confront the power and deceptiveness of appearances. 2009.

Vivian, Siobhan
The List
JUV V8376.l YA
Every year at Mount Washington High School somebody posts a list of the prettiest and ugliest girls from each grade--this is the story of eight girls, freshman to senior, and how they are affected by the list.  2013.

Werlin, Nancy
JUV W48.e YA
Phoebe, a member of the wealthy Rothschilds family, befriends Mallory, an awkward new girl in school, and the two become as close as sisters, but Phoebe does not know that Mallory is a faerie, sent to the human world to trap the ordinary human girl into fulfilling a promise made by her ancestor Mayer to the queen of the faeries. 2010.

Zusak, Markus
I Am the Messenger
JUV Z865.i
After capturing a bank robber, nineteen-year-old cab driver Ed Kennedy begins receiving mysterious messages that direct him to addresses where people need help, and he begins getting over his lifelong feeling of worthlessness. 2005