Janet Bode
Kids Still Having Kids
JUV 306.85.B631k YA
Presents interviews with teenage mothers and provides information about adoption, parenting, abortion, and foster care. 1992


Eleanor H. Ayer
Everything You Need to Know About Teen Fatherhood
JUV 306.8742.A976e YA
A guide for boys who have become or will become fathers describes how some teen fathers neglect their responsibilities as parents, the emotional, psychological, and financial concerns of fatherhood, and more. 1998

Ted Gottfried
Teen Fathers Today
JUV 306.8742.G7135t YA
The myths of teen fatherhood are set against the reality as financial responsibilities, family issues, and actual stories and quotes from teen parents tell what it is like to have this difficult role, complete with organization and internet site listings. 2001.

Tania Heller, M.D.
Pregnant! What Can I Do?
JUV 306.8743.H3675p YA
A guide for teenage girls who are facing an unexpected pregnancy. 2002


Jeanne Warren Lindsay
Your Pregnancy & Newborn Journey
JUV 618.24.L645yYA
Discusses nutritional, medical, and social aspects of teenage pregnancy and teenage parenthood. 2004.


Kristin Thoennes Keller
Health Care for Infants and Toddlers
JUV 618.92.T3537h YA
(from the Skills for Teens Who Parent series) Provides information on health and hygiene for infants and toddlers.


Jeanne Warren Lindsay
Your Baby's First Year
JUV 649.122.L645y 2004. YA
Discusses food stamps and other social programs, child development and care, continuing education,
birth control, and alternatives to "quick-fix" marriages.


Kristin Thoennes Keller
Parenting an Infant
JUV 649.122.T3537p YA
(from the Skills for Teens Who Parent series) Provides information on infant development and advice on how to care for a child for the first twelve months of its live, including facts about feeding, sleeping, crying, and other concerns. 2001


Margaret Bechard
Hanging on to Max
JUV B3775.h YA
When his girlfriend decides to give their baby away, seventeen-year-old Sam is determined to keep him and raise him alone. 2003

Berlie Doherty
Dear Nobody
JUV D66353.d YA
Eighteen-year-old Chris struggles to deal with two shocks that have changed his life, his meeting the mother who left him and his father when he was ten and his discovery that he has gotten his girlfriend pregnant. 1991

Angela Johnson
The First Part Last
JUV J613.f YA
Bobby's carefree teenage life changes forever when he becomes a father and must care for his adored baby daughter. 2003

Marilyn Reynolds
Too Soon For Jeff
High school senior Jeff Browning is upset when he learns that his girlfriend is pregnant and determined not to let a baby ruin his plans to go to college on a debate scholarship, but his feelings change after the baby is born. 1994


Margaret Wild
One Night
JUV W64013.oYA
In this novel written in free verse and narrated by alternating characters, a teenaged girl decides to have her baby and care for it on her own after a "one night stand" results in pregnancy. 2003.