Picture Books ~ Trucks

Carter, Don
Get to Work, Trucks!
JUV 398.8.C2454g

Shows a typical day for a group of working trucks: a loader, a dump truck, a digger, a bulldozer, a cement mixer, a tow truck, a crane, and a roller. 2002.

Collicutt, Paul
This Truck
JUV 398.8.C687tt

Simple text and illustrations present different types of trucks and the work they do. 2004.

Coulter, Hope Norman
Uncle Chuck's Truck
JUV 398.8.C832u

When Uncle Chuck's truck gets stuck in the mud while he is taking food to the cows on his farm, the cows come to the rescue. 1993.

Floca, Brian
Five Trucks
JUV 398.8.F651f

Five different trucks do five different jobs to get an airplane ready for takeoff. 1999.

Garcia, Emma
Tip Tip Dig Dig: Board Book
JUV 398.8.G165t

Describes how various earthmoving trucks clean up a dump and make a playground, discussing what such machines as diggers, mixers, bulldozers, and cranes can do. 2007.

Gordon, David
Hansel and Diesel
JUV 398.8.G6542h

Sibling trucks Hansel and Diesel travel into the middle of the junkyard in search of fuel and have a frightening encounter with the Wicked Winch. 2006.

London, Jonathan
A Truck Goes Rattley-Bumpa
JUV 398.8.L846t

Describes trucks of all sizes, shapes, and colors doing a variety of tasks. 2005.

Lyon, George Ella
Trucks Roll!
JUV 398.8.L9946t

Illustrations and simple rhyming text reveal many different and sometimes silly items that trucks can haul. 2007.

Maass, Robert
Little Trucks with Big Jobs
JUV 398.8.M112l

Describes small trucks and the work they are used for. 2007.

Magee, Doug
Trucks You Can Count On
JUV 398.8.M271t

Introduces the tractor trailer, allowing the reader to count its parts using the numbers from one to ten, and its wheels using the numbers to eighteen. 1985.

Mayo, Margaret
Dig Dig Digging
JUV 398.8.M4574d

Simple rhymes introduce various large vehicles, such as dump trucks, fire engines, and tractors, and describe the work that they do. 2002.

Moore, Patrick H.
The Mighty Street Sweeper
JUV 398.8.M7853m

Although the street cleaner may not be as fast, large, or powerful as some other vehicles, it is the only truck that can perform the very important task of keeping the roads clean. 2006.

Schertle, Alice
Little Blue Truck
JUV 398.8.S3277lb

A small blue truck finds his way out of a jam, with a little help from his friends. 2008.

Sis, Peter
Fire Truck
JUV 398.8.S622f

Matt, who loves fire trucks, wakes up one morning to find that he has become a fire truck, with one driver, two ladders, three hoses and ten boots. 1998.

Sis, Peter
Trucks, Trucks, Trucks
JUV 398.8.S622t

As a little boy cleans up his room, he gives one word descriptions of the work his various toy trucks do, such as hauling, plowing, and loading. 1999.

Stoeke, Janet Morgan
Minerva Louise and the Red Truck
JUV 398.8.S871mr

Fans of the funky chicken Minerva Louise can journey along with her in her red truck as she ventures to the countryside to see and experience all the sights in her very unique way. 2002.

Sturges, Philemon
I Love Trucks!
JUV 398.8.S935i

A child names many of his favorite trucks and each one's most notable characteristic. 1999.

Wolf, Sallie
Peter's Trucks
JUV 398.8.W8316p

A boy sees many different types of trucks and learns what each one carries. 1992.