Picture Books ~Wordless

Andreasen, Dan
The Treasure Bath
JUV 398.8.A5572t

A wordless picture book in which a young boy explores a creature-filled world beneath the bubbles in his bathtub. 2009.

Baker, Jeannie
JUV 398.8.B1727ho

Observes the changes in a neighborhood from before a girl is born until she is an adult, as it first decays and then is renewed by the efforts of the residents. 2004.

Baker, Jeannie
JUV 398.8.B1727m

In Sydney, Australia, and in Morocco, two boys and their families have a day of shopping. Readers are invited to compare illustrations in two wordless stories that are intended to be read one from left to right and the other from right to left. 2010.

Banyai, Istvan
JUV 398.8.B228z

Presents a series of scenes, each one from farther away, showing, for example, a girl playing with toys which is actually a picture on a magazine cover, which is part of a sign on a bus, and so on. 1995.

Blake, Quentin
JUV 398.8.B581cl

After being discarded, Clown makes his way through town having a series of adventures as he tries to find a home for himself and his other toy friends. 1996.

Faller, Régis
The Adventures of Polo
JUV 398.8.F1915a

Polo the dog sets out from his home and enjoys many adventures, including sailing his boat on top of a whale, roasting hot dogs over a volcano, and taking a ride in a spaceship built from a mushroom. 2006.

Fleischman, Paul
Sidewalk Circus 
JUV ME COLL 398.8.F6283si

A young girl watches as the activities across the street from her bus stop become a circus. 2004.

Lee, Suzy
JUV 398.8.L5155w

A wordless picture book that shows a little girl's first experiences at the beach, as she goes from being afraid of the roaring waves to playing on the shore while gulls soar overhead. 2008.

Lehman, Barbara
Museum Trip
JUV 398.8.L5282m

In this wordless picture book, a boy imagines himself inside some of the exhibits when he goes on a field trip to a museum. 2006.

Lehman, Barbara
The Red Book
JUV Awards 398.8.L5282r

This is a book about a book, a red book that takes a little girl on a magical adventure. 2004.

Lehman, Barbara
JUV 398.8.L5282ra

In this wordless picture book, a boy finds a mysterious key which leads him on an adventure one rainy day. 2007.

McCully, Emily Arnold
Four Hungry Kittens
JUV 398.8.M139fo

Four kittens share adventures while their mother is away hunting food. 2001.

Mayer, Mercer
One Frog Too Many
JUV 398.8.M452of

A boy's pet frog thinks that the new little frog the boy gets for his birthday is one frog too many. 1975.

Newgarden, Mark
Bow-Wow Bugs a Bug
JUV 398.8.N4507b

A wordless picture book about a persistent terrier who spends a day following a bug through his neighborhood. 2007.

Polhemus, Coleman
The Crocodile Blues
JUV 398.8.P7585c

A wordless tale in which a man and his pet cockatoo discover, much to their dismay, the true nature of the egg they bring home from the store. 2007.

Rohmann, Eric
Time Flies
JUV Awards 398.8.R636t

A tale in which a bird flying around a dinosaur exhibit in a museum has an unsettling experience when it finds itself back in the time of living dinosuars. 1994.

Savage, Stephen
Where's Walrus?
JUV 398.8.S2642w

In this wordless picture book, follow Walrus on a happy-go-lucky spree through the big city, as he tries on different hats to disguise himself from the chasing zookeeper. 2011.

Sis, Peter
JUV 398.8.S622d

While taking a bath, a young boy is joined by all sorts of dinosaurs. 2000.

Wegman, William
William Wegman's Pups
JUV ME COLL 398.8.W4214wp

The pups yawn, perch, scamper, sleep, snoop, & fly. 1999.

Weitzman, Jacqueline P.
You Can't Take a Balloon into the Metropolitan Museum
JUV 398.8.W439y

A young girl and her grandmother view works inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, while the balloon she has been forced to leave outside floats around New York City causing a series of mishaps that mirror scenes in the museum's artworks. 1998.

Weitzman, Jacqueline P.
You Can't Take a Balloon into the Museum of Fine Arts
JUV 398.8.W439yf

While a brother and sister, along with their grandparents, visit the Museum of Fine Arts, the balloon they were not allowed to bring into the museum floats around Boston, causing a series of mishaps at various tourist sites. 2002.

Weitzman, Jacqueline P.
You Can't Take a Balloon into the National Gallery
JUV 398.8.W439yn

While a brother and sister, along with their grandmother, visit the National Gallery of Art, the balloon they were not allowed to bring into the museum floats around Washington, D. C. causing a series of mishaps at various tourist sites. 2000.

Wiesner, David
Sector 7
JUV 398.8.W6371s

While on a school trip to the Empire State Building, a boy is taken by a friendly cloud to visit Sector 7, where he discovers how clouds are shaped and channeled throughout the country. 1999.

Wiesner, David
JUV Awards 398.8.W6371t

Frogs rise on their lily pads, float through the air, and explore the nearby houses while their inhabitants sleep. 1991.

Wilson, April
April Wilson's Magpie Magic: A Tale of Colorful Mischief 
JUV 398.8.W691a

The book depicts a young artist who draws a picture of a magpie which then comes to life and interacts with a series of colorful drawings. 1999.

Pinkney, Jerry
The Lion & the Mouse
JUV 888.6.A254li

In this wordless retelling of an Aesop fable, an adventuresome mouse proves that even small creatures are capable of great deeds when he rescues the King of the Jungle. 2009.